Netflix and Spotify may run slower than usual. Cause? Amazon in the US has temporary problems

Users of many websites, applications and even video viewing sites have problems with the functioning of the services. Amazon in the US has officially confirmed problems with the infrastructure responsible for Amazon Web Services. AWS is one of the most popular services in the world used by numerous websites.

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The problems were felt by American, European and Asian users of services such as Spotify, Snapchat, Netflix or Disney +.

Another failure is a problem for Internet users

The December failure of the AWS service is another one this year. In June, malfunctioning services prevented sites like Amazon, CNN, The New York Times, and The Guardian from responding at all.

There was also a great confusion on the network in 2017. Then Amazon decided to reset the machines responsible for running the service. However, an error has crept into the restart command. A simple typo has significantly increased the amount of server restarting. The restart was supposed to concern only those related to settlements. Meanwhile, the key servers for the operation of the entire Amazon Web Services infrastructure have disappeared from the network. This caused an avalanche of problems that Internet users felt as “my website is not loading”.

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Not only Amazon

The fact that other technology giants have serious problems with the infrastructure is evidenced by the failure on his Facebook account. A break of several hours in the operation of the social networking site, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp was caused by problems with updating one service.

It turned out that the servers responsible for controlling the update process, and even … the access cards of employees who wanted to fix the failure, also failed.

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