Netflix turns the dictator Pinochet into a vampire

From bloodthirsty dictator to bloodthirsty vampire: Chilean director Pablo Larraín’s new project is destined to make people talk on the dictator Pinochet, which will be produced by Netflix.

Perhaps the name of Pablo Larraín doesn’t tell you anything, but this director has long since landed in Hollywood, after having garnered acclaim thanks to his unscrupulous and very cerebral films. Pablo Larraín is the signature behind Natalie Portman’s success as Jackie Kennedy in Jackie (2016) and that of Kristen Stewart as Lady Diana in Spencer (2021).


For the moment the director seems to have put aside his “first lady and sad princesses” parenthesis to return to his great obsession: Pinochet. It is understandable to understand why the director has devoted a good part of his career to telling how the bloody dictator has shaped the past and influenced the present of his country, Chile.

El conde

El conde

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Pinochet rarely appears in person in his films, but is always present as a “shadow” in acclaimed works such as No – Days of the Rainbow, Tony Manero, Post mortem, Neruda.


With his next project Pablo Larraín will break the delay and show the dictator, turning him into a vampire. No dramatic tones though: El Conde will be a black comedy starring Pinochet as a bicentennial vampire. Hidden from the world but still alive, Pinochet decides to end it, prostrate between family conflicts and humiliating situations.

The director tells the screenplay of El Conde to Variety:

Using black comedy we want to observe, understand and analyze the events that have taken place in Chile and around the world over the past 50 years. We are very confident that we will do a good job. It will be an adventure: a challenging, yet inspired and important set.

Larraín will write the film with Guillermo Calderón, who has already written with him a biographical film on Neruda and the dramatic El Club (on the scourge of pedophilia among the Chilean ecclesiastical hierarchies).

As always, the film is produced by Pablo’s brother, Juan de Dios Larraín, with his production company Fabula. The director of El Conde is considered one of the most influential directorial names in South America.

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