Netizens accuse Anitta of plagiarism for similarity to Taylor Swift’s video: ‘Creative crisis’

In the midst of promoting his next project, the deluxe version of the album Versions Of Me, singer Anitta was accused of plagiarism by users of social networks. That’s because the next clip of the singer, the song He Who Waits, with Maluma, has an aesthetic similar to the video of Wildest Dreamsby Taylor Swift.

Just 15 seconds of a teaser that the Brazilian posted on Twitter were enough for the comparisons to begin. Netizens began to tag the director of Wildest DreamsJoseph Kahn, in the comments of Anitta’s post.

Taylor’s clip was released in 2015 and was a great success worldwide, today it has more than 800 million views. The video was shot entirely in Africa and depicts love scenes in the midst of filming. At the time, the singer became accused of racism for having only white people in a story that takes place on the African continent.

Anitta’s new partnership, for the 15 seconds made available on social networks, seems to have the same concept, portraying a love behind the scenes of a film production. “The concept of Anitta’s video is the same as that of Wildest Dreams of Taylor, is she going through a creative crisis?”, said one netizen.

Another user recalled Anitta’s recent controversy with Melody, due to an alleged plagiarism In the song Dangerous Assault. “Anitters marked the composers of positionsnow let’s tag Joseph Kahn,” he wrote.

the director of Wildest Dreams reacted with humor to the various mentions by Brazilians of him. “I can tweet anything now that Brazilians will show up,” she said. “Can I taste Brazilian food?”, mocked in another publication.

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