Netizens attack Shakira after she posted this video; “So overrated”

We recently shared details of an interview in which a former Shakira revealed how difficult it can be to work with the singer. And, in addition to this controversial statement, another case reverberated on the networks after the Colombian artist published a video on her Instagram account. Let’s understand better what happened?

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For those who are curious, although it is common to use filters on social networks not only by artists, but by anyone, Shakira received several criticisms for allegedly using one of these resources to promote her new song, the hit I congratulate youwhich is a partnership with Rauw Alejandro. [Continua depois do vídeo].

Through comments, netizens left several messages, including comparing her to the Kardashians. Here’s what some of them said:

  • “You have some video in your filter”;
  • “Too much filter, love”
  • “Shakira I love you, but one more filter and you’re off”
  • “Your mouth looks really weird with that filter”
  • “Who are you?”
  • “I think Shakira already joined the Kardashian with so much filter”;
  • “She’s beautiful, she doesn’t need such an exaggerated filter”;
  • “No, Shaki, I want to see your true beauty, not these filters”;
  • “Shaki Kardashian, you’re already overreacting, don’t do it.”

On the other hand, even with comments like those shared previously, the Colombian singer also received messages of support, many of them telling Shakira not to delete the video.

It is worth remembering that despite being pointed out by netizens about the use of filters, the artist is known for sharing records without this feature and even makeup on her account.

So, are you curious and want to see the video that resonated? Check out the publication below. (If you can’t see it, just access the link)

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