Never take these medicines together, devastating side effects

Do you follow two or more therapies daily for your health problems? There are some medications that should never be taken together to avoid bothersome side effects.

Do not take these drugs together
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A lot of people hire gods every day drugs, there are those who have to follow a therapy and those who, on the other hand, for various pathologies find themselves having to take more drugs daily. When multiple therapies are followed at the same time it is a phenomenon called polypharmacy, in this case, however, it is necessary to be very careful because often there is a tendency to confuse the various medicines to be taken, there may also be problems with adherence to the treatment.

When you take two or more medications, you also run the risk that they do interference between them and this can alternate their effectiveness. Among the most used drugs there are certainly gastroprotectors, iron and others, these can for example interfere with the absorption with medicines taken for the treatment of hypothyroidism. The action of some medicines taken for osteoporosis could be compromised by the simultaneous intake of gastroprotectors

Following several therapies at the same time can cause devastating side effects, some useful tips

Never take these medicines together
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While taking medications you can also contend with drug-disease or drug-syndrome interactions. This occurs when a medicine taken to treat a symptom interferes with another disease or syndrome causing an exacerbation. For example, anti-inflammatories can worsen kidney function, which is why they should always be prescribed with caution towards those suffering from chronic kidney failure. Medicines for nausea and vomiting, on the other hand, can worsen the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

When you have to follow several therapies at the same time it is really important to always have a precise scheme. This also includes dietary supplements and food supplements that may interfere with the proper functioning of other medications.

To avoid fail to take various medicines It is very helpful to ask for help from a support person, such as a family member, to help you manage the therapies to be followed. In addition, it is essential to inform the treating physician of the therapies you are already following when he prescribes new drugs to take. This is to prevent new therapies from interfering with the medications you usually take.

So, when you need to follow several therapies at the same time, it is really important to do it in the right way, especially knowing which drugs cannot be combined. In this way you will avoid having to deal with annoying side effects which in some cases can even prove to be devastating.

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