New availability options in the November Xbox patch

In addition to the availability option, the November patch also brings a number of changes to the mobile application for Xbox, controller software and refreshing the appearance of the dedicated tab Game Pass. A few improvements have also been made to the volume and audio settings.

The new color settings will allow some players with visual impairment to adjust the palette so that they can see shades that normally blend into a single color. Are you curious if you have a problem with that? Do one of the free tests available on the web Ishihara. Microsoft in the latest patch, it took into account as many as 3 types of this defect, so anyone with a problem can slightly modify the way the colors are displayed.

In the audio settings, there is finally an option to mute the speakers, if it is connected to the pad headset (so far it was necessary to mute the TV / monitor separately) and the ability to play sound in “mono“.

Game developers have also received some improvement. From now on, they can tag their productions according to the standard Gaming & Disability Community. This will allow disabled gamers to find titles faster that they can have fun with in a way that suits them. Appropriate tagging will be given to over 325 games at the beginning. In the coming months, there will also be an option to filter and sort games by these tags.

Improvements to the controllers will include improvements in their pairability with several other devices and will also reduce them Dynamic Latency Input (DLI), i.e. the delay between pressing the button and the signal reaching the console.

The improvements to the mobile app will primarily focus on social features. From spreading links to sharing recorded gameplay fragments. You can clearly see that Microsoft tries to build a community around its latest console. More similar improvements, more good games in Game Passieand everyone should be satisfied.


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