New bonus 150 euros: that’s who it is to receive it in November

The new one-off bonus of 150 euros against the expensive life introduced by the government with the decree will come from November to almost 22 million Italians, from employees to pensioners, from to home helps and caregivers. This is what is foreseen by the dl aid ter – waiting to be published in the Gazzetta – which allocates about 3.2 billion euros for the subsidy. The bonus, unlike the € 200 one, lowers the income ceiling from 35 thousand to 20 thousand. On the measure, however, the autonomous node remains, a category that is still waiting to receive the previous subsidy.


Those with taxable pay in November of up to 1,538 euros receive the allowance automatically in the November pay slip, subject to the declaration of not being the recipient of other incompatible benefits. The indemnity is payable only once (even in the case of several employment relationships), it cannot be transferred, seized or seized and does not constitute income for tax and social security purposes. Resources are just over a billion for 2022, for an audience of 6.66 million people.


Retirees are paid the allowance automatically by INPS in November. To have it you must be resident in Italy, holder of one or more pension treatments, pension or social allowance, pension or allowance for civil invalids, blind and deaf and dumb, as well as accompanying pension treatments, and personal income subject to Irpef, net of contributions, not exceeding € 20,000 for 2021. 1.24 billion are allocated for 2022, for an audience of 8.3 million people.

For home helps and the unemployed, no question

Domestic workers already beneficiaries of the € 200 bonus will receive (without application and without a roof) the allowance in November directly from INPS. The Institute will also disburse the 150 euros to the unemployed who in November will receive the Naspi and to those who in 2022 have the agricultural unemployment benefit of 2021.

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For, doctoral students and postdocs you need an application, PhD students and research fellows will be eligible for the allowance upon request: they must not be holders of the € 200 bonus, they must not be enrolled in other compulsory social security forms and have an income of up to € 20,000. An application, a ceiling of 20 thousand euros and at least 50 days worked in 2021 are required for seasonal, temporary and intermittent workers, as well as for members of the Entertainment Workers Pension Fund. The bonus will be automatic instead for seasonal tourism, spas, entertainment and sports already beneficiaries of the Covid allowance.

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