New Dfsk Glory 500 2022-2023, compact SUV at 19 thousand euros little known but to be considered

Meeting the demands of its audience, the automotive company Dfsk expands its portfolio by presenting its own new suv Glory 500 2022-2023. The small off-road vehicle is presented on the market with interesting technological innovations in the equipment to conquer a young audience. Let’s take a closer look:

Discovering the Dfsk Glory 500 2022-2023

Despite being considered a compact or “small” SUV for its size, the Glory 500 seems to belong to another segment. Its measurements are in fact the following: 4,385 mm in length, 1,850 mm in width and 1,645 mm in height for a wheelbase of 2,655 mm.

With the intention of conquering a young audience or small families, the Glory 500 sports a sporty look that highlights a wide front grille with chrome edges and headlights with LED lighting – or halogen for its entry version. On the sides stand out some lines that add to the sportiness, 16-inch aluminum wheels and a C-pillar that gives the feeling of a floating roof. In the rear area there is a spoiler with a third brake light, a shark fin and rear fog lights.

The Dfsk Glory 500 suv is equipped with a 1.5 engine, which produces 116 hp and 147 Nm of torque. All the energy of the Glory 500 is transmitted to the front-wheel drive via a 5-speed manual transmission and a 6-speed automatic CVT. It offers three different driving modes such as Eco, sport and manual to make driving more comfortable.

To offer a comfortable ride, the Glory 500 features technological and internal equipment that set it apart from the competition. Inside there is a dashboard with a 3.5-inch LCD screen where you can get information on consumption, temperature, TPMS, among others, and a 7-inch infotainment screen compatible with Bluetooth and with the mirrorlink system, which allows you to duplicate the smartphone screen and see all the contents on the multimedia display.

Among other innovations, on board the Glory 500 there is a multifunction steering wheel covered in eco-leather and adjustable in height, reversing camera, cruise control, manual climate control, USB / AUX input, central armrest, seats upholstered in eco-leather or fabric.

Opinions Dfsk Glory 500 2022-2023 beyond the price

The new suv DFSK Glory 500 It is equipped with various safety and driving features to improve driving comfort, stability and peace of mind. Modern technology features voice control, automatic headlights, rain sensing wipers, push start, electronic parking brake and automatic maintenance.

Other safety features they also include an anti-theft alarm system, electric locks, two airbags, anti-braking system (ABS) with electronic brake distribution (EBD), reversing camera and reversing assistance. All for an initial price of around 15,000 euros.

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