New Dr 5.0 2022-2023, all the reasons for the unexpected and strong success of this SUV

This year is marked by the launch of the renewed version of DR 5.0, based on the Chery Tiggo 4 Pro, the Chinese SUV. The revamped version is mainly characterized by the introduction of the double clutch DCT gearbox.

The Italian automotive group DR Automobiles puts i in difficulty economic models by Dacia, offering cars with an undeniable good relationship between quality and price. DR 5.0 is an urban SUV that evolves in the same category as the Dacia Duster, is sold starting at € 20,900 and offers a series of interesting services that are attracting more and more motorists to Europe.

  • Dr 5.0 2022-2023, increasingly competitive suv

  • The reasons for the success of Dr 5.0 2022-2023

Dr 5.0 2022-2023, increasingly competitive suv

Since the launch of its first generation, DR 5.0 has been considered the flagship of the Italian brand. DR Automobiles can really broaden its field of action by creating an important distribution network.

The new DR 5.0 is almost the same size as the Dacia Duster: 4.32 meters long, 1.83 meters wide and a wheelbase of 2.63 meters. The trunk has a load capacity of 340 liters expandable to 1,100 liters.

The DR 5.0 2022 sports a 12.3-inch screen in this restyled version, animated by the brand new infotainment system with oversized LCD screen, which supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. A large, ergonomic, elegant and functional dashboard with all controls close at hand. The driver’s seat electrically adjustable in 6 positions.

Safety systems are present, such as the real-time tire pressure monitoring system. DR 5.0 also houses the BoschESP 9.3 system: high-performance 4-core processor that allows for lower power consumption and faster operation. It provides improved wheel stability and precise steering, while managing the proper functioning of different systems such as ABS, EBD and TCS for guaranteed safety.

The reasons for the success of Dr 5.0 2022-2023

There Molise house DR Automobiles has managed to establish itself by obtaining a large volume of sales this year, in particular with its DR 5.0 SUV, present at the MIMO 2022 show, held from 16 to 19 June 2022 in Milan. The Italian brand took the opportunity to launch the offensive by unveiling the new high-end brands Sportequipe and ICKX.

As the sales figures for the first quarter of 2022, the latter have already exceeded half of the whole of 2021: 4,548 cars registered in Italy, equal to a market share of 1.34%. These figures are split between DR cars and EVO cars, which offer even more competitive prices.

The new DR 5.0 it is powered by a 116 HP 1.5 petrol engine with maximum torque of 136 Nm and a 114 HP Bi-Fuel (LPG petrol) engine with maximum torque of 132 Nm, the two engine blocks are associated with a manual gearbox. We also find two turbo engines, petrol and LPG, delivering 154 hp and 210 Nm and 149 hp and 195 Nm respectively, mated to a sequential 9-speed CVT. The new DR 5.0 is offered at a price of 20,900 euros for the petrol version and 21,900 euros for the LPG version.

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