new hotel, spa, restaurant and swimming pool

The start of the new investment is scheduled for 2023.  Construction is to take two years.

The start of the new investment is scheduled for 2023. Construction is to take two years.

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A four-star hotel, restaurants, spa and swimming pool are the plans of the Allenort Group for an investment in Kościuszko Square in Gdynia. The facility is to be erected by 2025, opposite the marina, on a plot of nearly one hectare, in a place where an amusement park appears in summerMap. This is another announcement of a new investment in this place within a few days.

Let us recall that last week we informed that the development company Ghelamco is to be a partner of the Polish Sailing Association in the development of the area around the sailing marina in GdyniaMap.

The contract is to be signed in the coming weeks.

Construction work could begin after next year’s sailing season and end in the fall of 2025.

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Another hotel on Kościuszko Square opposite the marina

Everything points to the neighborhoodMap The project announced by Nowa Marina will be undergoing a different construction. Allenort Group operating on the medical market announced the intention to build one or more five-storey buildings with hotel and residential apartmentswhich will also include service premises.

The investment will be built on a plot of nearly one hectare in front of the marina, in a place where an amusement park appears in summer.

First, an architectural competition, and construction by 2025.

An architectural competition for the concept of development and land development is to be announced at the beginning of 2022. At this stage, in accordance with the provisions of the local plan, representatives of Gdynia’s authorities and the conservator of monuments will be present.

– In a unique location, which is Kościuszko Square, we want to implement a premium class investment combining various functions, which will become a showcase of the entire Tri-City. We want to be sure that the chosen concept fits in the optimal way with the city’s development plans and the expectations of the local community. We estimate that after completing all design works and obtaining the necessary permits, we will be able to start construction works in the first half of 2023, and close the entire investment process in 2025. – declares Grzegorz Goryszewski, president of the Allenort Group.
According to the development plan, tourism services are required for a minimum of 60 percent. total area of ​​buildings. The height of the front elevation may be up to 5 storeys and up to 18 meters. It is allowed to increase the height of the buildings up to 6 storeys and up to 21 meters.

Hotel rooms, restaurants, spa area and swimming pool

Detailed assumptions of the planned investment – including the share of individual types of premises, as well as the way of developing service zones as well as recreational and green areas – will be consulted.

However, the initial concept is already there. It assumes the construction of a hotel part with a restaurant and conference zone, as well as a spa and wellness center with a swimming pool. All hotel apartments will be finished “turnkey” to at least four-star standard. In the apartment and service part, apart from residential premises, there will be a wellness zone and service premises.

Financing from bonds

The financing of the investment in the form of a bond issue was obtained in cooperation with the Upper Finance Group.

For the purposes of the investment in Gdynia, bonds worth PLN 38 million were issued.

– The investment carried out by the Allenort Group is another example of the growing position of the premium segment on the domestic real estate market. We see great interest among investors in projects that combine residential and hotel functions, guaranteeing customers access to the highest quality services. As the Upper Finance Group, we obtained financing for this investment in the form of corporate bonds in cooperation with act BSWW legal & tax. The issue worth PLN 38 million was placed in record time. This success shows that interesting and well-prepared projects, supported by recognized managers, can count on financing on the corporate bond market on favorable terms – he adds Tatiana Piechota, partner of Upper Finance.

December 10 results of the competition for the development of Kościuszko Square

Let us add that on December 10, 2021, we will know the winners of the architectural competition “Piers of the Future”. They will design a completely new South PierMap and Kościuszko SquareMap in Gdynia. Gdynia authorities make a reservation, however, that the space does not have to look exactly like the winners of the first place and 50 thousand sq m. PLN main prize in the competition. The competition is of a study-ideological nature and will only be an inspiration for city planners.


Competition for the new Kościuszko Square

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