New juror Klaudia Antos will dance with Jennifer Lopez again!

Jennifer Lopez herself wants to cooperate with Klaudia Antos! Their joint performance will be available soon. See what is known about the talented juror of “You Can Dance – new generation”.

Klaudia Antos started her media career in the program “You Can Dance”. Years later, history has come full circle, but this time, he will sit as a juror in the show looking for dance talents. The gifted 22-year-old will evaluate the struggles of the youngest in “You Can Dance – new generation”. However, Klaudia Antos was famous not only because of her TV adventure, but above all because of her dancing talent, appreciated by Jennifer Lopez herself! The Polish woman danced alongside the world star during the prestigious Super Bowl 2020 and it turns out that it was not a one-time collaboration! Klaudia Antos will re-star with Jennifer Lopez. Get to know the details.

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Klaudia Antos from “You Can Dance” will dance again alongside Jennifer Lopez

Klaudia Antos is a 22-year-old girl from Brzeźnica near Kraków. He is just making his debut on TVP as a juror of “You Can Dance – new generation”. She started her adventure with dance at the age of 9. She is known to a wider audience from the program “You Can Dance” broadcast on TVN. Klaudia made it to the live episodes eventually taking 8th place. At that time, her dancing career was just gaining momentum. She joined the dance formation of Agustin Egurrola, and shortly after she left for the USA.

The crowning achievement of her dance efforts in Los Angeles was the performance of, among others. during the Super Bowl 2020 final alongside Jennifer Lopez herself. This is one of the most important sports and entertainment events in the United States. The performance there is a great experience for Americans and a dream of many world stars and Klaudia Antos had the opportunity to dance with JLo herself.

The joint performance with J.Lo is not the only global cooperation of the Polish dancer. Klaudia Antos from “You Can Dance – new generation” also appeared in Justin Bieber’s video “Yummy”, supported “Becky G” at the MTV Europe Music Awards and collaborated with the world’s best choreographers on the set of the animated film “Trolle 2”. Many a dancer would like to gain such experience. Poland did it!

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Klaudia Antos from “You Can Dance” continues to conquer the world! It turns out that she will once again dance alongside Jennifer Lopez herself. He will perform with her on September 25 in Central Park in New York during this year’s Global Citizen Live concert. The event is organized annually by an international organization dealing primarily with the fight against poverty in the world. The Polish woman will present herself in the largest television stations, including ABC and the British BBC.

Now it has become clear why the dancer did not appear on the fall schedule of TVP, which promoted the program “You Can Dance – New Generation”. She was in Los Angeles, preparing for a performance with JLo.

Tonight we will be able to admire Klaudia Antos on TVP, where she is on the jury of “You Can Dance” together with Agustin Egurrola and Michał “Misha” Kostrzewski.

Klaudia Antos in You Can Dance - new generation

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