New mandatory system! The car won’t let you exceed the speed limit !?

Has become! We have learned the details of the ISA system, which will be mandatory from July 2022. Any car sold in the European Union after this date will have to have one. This is a system that is intended to prevent us from exceeding the speed limit permitted by law.

How will the ISA system work? We don’t know 100% of this yet. Autocult actually sees two possibilities. The first is only informing about exceeding the speed and trying to slow down, the second is automatic deceleration. This means that your car will slow down by itself and will itself stay below the speed limit. It is possible that both variants will work.

isa car speed limit system compulsory
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It will not be difficult to recognize the speed at which a given car should go. Virtually every new car can do it now. He reads it from GPS and road signs. The car knows what road you are on and what is the restriction on it. Such messages are often displayed on the dashboard. This is a nice feature that is helpful in case someone forgets or gets confused.

ISA assumes, inter alia, precisely that such a system is supposed to work in every car. That is, while driving, you will always have the information about the speed limit displayed, which applies to this section of the road. How will the car react to exceeding the speed limit? For example, by vibrating the steering wheel or the accelerator pedal. The car may also emit some audible and visual signals.

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It’s a kind of restriction of freedom …

Autocult emphasizes that a one-off signal cannot last longer than 5 seconds. Of course, its intensity will depend on how much we exceed the speed. You know what’s going on – it’s just like belts. If you don’t fasten them, the car won’t leave you alone. You will hear the notoriously repeating sound, signal. It can be similar here, and in addition to the sound – as I mentioned a moment ago – the steering wheel and the gas pedal can vibrate, and a message can be displayed on the dashboard.

isa car speed limit system compulsory
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Of course, you can also slow down yourself. This means ISA will limit your horsepower, torque and even apply the brake if it thinks you are going too fast. The important information is that the system can be turned off. Partly or completely. This is just the beginning. Perhaps in the future such deactivation will not be possible at all.

The question is how it all turns out. Certainly, there will be drivers whose system will upset it so much that they will turn it off, or somehow completely disable it. It seems to me that nothing is impossible for Polish mechanics. There will probably be those who will just slow down and obey the signs. It is definitely a limitation of some kind. Most people probably won’t like it.

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