New news on Lewandowski’s absence from Hungary. Borek reveals. “I have some info” Polish national team

The Polish national team lost 1: 2 to Hungary in the last match of the World Cup qualification and thus lost their seeding in the play-offs that will take place in March 2022. A huge criticism fell on the team and Paulo Sousa, and Robert Lewandowski fell the most, as he agreed with the coach that he would not play in the match at the National Stadium.

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“If Lewandowski wanted a breath, he would have gone to Mikołajki. I don’t get it”

Sousa pointed out his dream rivals in the World Cup play-offs. Sousa pointed out his dream rivals in the World Cup play-offs. “They live fantastically with the ball”

“We talked about my performances with coach Paulo Sousa even before the training camp. I signaled that by playing so many matches and knowing my body, I may not be in optimal disposition in both matches. The coach rightly did not want to underestimate the match against Andorra. Together we agreed that I would play in this game and in case of winning, other players will get a chance in the match against Hungary. The decision at the end always belongs to the coach, but I confirm that it was agreed with me. statement by Robert Lewandowski.

New information about Lewandowski’s absence in the match against Hungary. “I would never accuse him of not wanting to play for the Polish national team”

The latest information on this matter was presented by Mateusz Borek in the “Moc Futbolu” program broadcast on the YouTube channel. – I have some information that Paulo Sousa came to Robert Lewandowski to his hotel in Lisbon before the Champions League match between Benfica and Bayern and he proposed such a solution, so to speak, of human resources management during two matches of the national team. Robert was informed that he is playing in the first match with Andorra and will not play against Hungary if we win this match with Andorra and we will automatically be promoted to the play-offs. Perhaps today there will be a denial on the part of the national team’s staff – revealed the journalist.

– However, I have the impression that there is a mediocre grade in mathematics and someone has not calculated it exactly. I think everyone was convinced that defeating Andorra would mean automatically seeding in the play-offs – added Borek.

Later in the program, the journalist admitted that Sousa, even without Lewandowski, hoped that Poland would be able to win with Hungary. – The whole discussion today went only towards Paulo Sousa and hit the captain of the Polish national team. I will say this: it is not because I have known Robert since the times of Znicz Pruszków and I have always considered him a professional. Sometimes I may not agree with him, but I would never accuse him of not wanting to play for the Polish national team. The boy has been playing in the team since 2008. In 13 years, he has played 128 games and only missed six games. If he had received information that he was playing with Andorra for 45 minutes and was coming from the bench with Hungary, where he would come to Warsaw anyway and the qualifying round was over, I could not imagine Lewandowski saying: “No coach, I have to rest in this second match” – emphasized Borek.

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– Practically every time when Robert came, he would always do various commercial things on Sunday or Monday until noon. It’s not like he went to a set or Varsovia for the first time, to record something for Amazon. He always did it. Here, somewhere everything has accumulated on it, because Poland has lost and is not seeded. […] Therefore, today I do not dare to say that Robert Lewandowski selects his matches in the national team, because whether it was Andorra, San Marino, Gibraltar, Robert always played in these matches, he left his health in them, and he won many of them alone. I am asking one question. It may happen that Robert will be sidelined for a red card or be injured. And what, this group of players who play for Brighton, Leeds, Marseille, Napoli, Southampton, they are not able to win against the Hungarian reserve team at home? – finished.

Jerzy Dudek sharply about Polish footballers.  'They could use whistles'Dudek clearly about the team. “I don’t want to bully, but he worked for it himself”

The draw of the play-off pairs of the World Cup will take place on Friday, November 26 at 17:00. The twelve nations will be divided into three “paths”, from which at the end three teams will be selected for the World Cup in Qatar. The play-off semi-finals will be played on March 24 and 25, 2022, and the finals on March 28 and 29. Poland will play in the semi-finals against Portugal, Scotland, Italy, Russia, Sweden or Wales. If it was possible to pass the first opponent, the draw will decide where the White and Reds will play the final of the play-offs.

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