New reductions for gasoline, the self price drops to 1.675 euros per liter – Economy

New reductions for gasoline despite yesterday’s international prices rebounding: according to the elaboration of Quotidiano Energia, the national average price of gasoline practiced in self mode it is 1,675 euros per liter (1,680 the figure of yesterday), with the different brands between 1,659 and 1,682 euros per liter (no logo 1,671).

The average price charged for diesel self goes to 1,780 euros per liter (against 1,785), with companies between 1,765 and 1,786 euros per liter (no logo 1,776). As for the service, for gasoline the average price charged is 1.824 euros per liter (1.830 the previous figure), with colored systems charging prices between 1.755 and 1.880 euros per liter (no logo 1.727). The average diesel served goes to 1,924 euros per liter (against 1,931), with the outlets of the companies practicing average prices between 1,859 and 1,987 euros per liter (no logo 1,830).

The prices of LPG are between 0.794 and 0.813 euro / ì per liter (no logo 0.789). Finally, the average price of auto methane is between 2,865 and 3,349 (no logo 2,869).