New road signs on Polish roads from today. There are seven of them

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Today (December 2), the regulations allowing for the installation of signs informing about charging points for electric vehicles on Polish roads have entered into force. The changes also apply to the introduction of collective information boards and signs announcing the upcoming shutdown lane on the expressway.

New road signs for electric cars

Four of the seven new markings relate to the marking of electric vehicle charging stations. The basic sign informing about such a station contains a green distributor with the word EV. In the case of an electrically rechargeable gas station, the green one has been added to the black dispenser mark. These are characters D23b and D-23c.

Markings will also appear on two collective boards at the stopping points. In this version, however, the green distributor appears without the word EV. It comes and D34b arrays in two versions. Signs you can take a look at the article in the gallery.

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The new signs are intended to promote electromobility and improve the travel comfort of people already using electric vehicles.

Road signs on expressways

The new regulations also introduced three new supplementary marks: F-14d, F-14e and F-14f. They inform drivers traveling on expressways about the upcoming exclusion lane. This is a solution known so far from highways (however, the background of signs is blue there).

“We have already concluded three tenders for the construction of electric vehicle charging stations on the A1, A2 and A4 motorways and the S3, S7 and S8 expressways. As a result of these proceedings, we signed a total of 35 contracts for the construction of 55 electric vehicle charging stations at Category I MOPs. The first stations have already been put into use by drivers “, says the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways (GDDKiA).

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