New Toyota Corolla Cross – We saw the new SUV before the premiere

As we wrote more than once, Toyota Corolla Cross will be the first SUV in the Corolla model line. However, it has been designed from scratch, which can be seen at first glance. It is clearly different from other Corolla. The Cross will be an SUV variant, not just an elevated Corolla – this role in the range is already played by the Corolla Trek, based on the Corolla TS (station wagon). Cross is more than that.

Toyota Corolla Cross ranks among the brand’s SUVs (in this case, you can also safely use the term crossover), exactly between the C-HR and the RAV4. Corolla Cross will be 4460 mm long. For comparison, the RAV4 is 4,600 mm long, and the C-HR – 4,390 mm. The Cross is also exactly 3 cm wider than the C-HR and 3 cm narrower than the RAV4. The Cross was built on the same platform as the regular Corolla station wagon.

The new Toyota Corolla Cross – pre-release and even pre-production

At the pre-premiere screening, as only twenty journalists in Europe, we had the opportunity to see, to some extent, the pre-production version of Corolla Cross. It was pre-production in the sense that although the Cross is already on sale globally, the version intended for the Old Continent will be produced only from July this year. Since no European variant of the Corolla Cross has been created yet, how did we manage to see it? We were able to watch the variant closest to the final European specification, sold in the Philippines, additionally reworked to resemble a car that can be bought in Polish showrooms. For example, it has already been possible to install front lamps in the European specification. However, the set of digital clocks that will debut in the European version did not finally hit the board.

Photo: Paweł Krzyżanowski / Auto Świat

The European variety of Corolla Cross will go into production later than the varieties intended for other markets in the world, but it is worth waiting for. We will get, among others a completely new fifth generation hybrid drive. It will be based on a 2.0-liter gasoline engine, similar to the C-HR or the regular Corolla, but enhanced to 197 hp and with a battery pack 40 percent lighter, which also delivers power faster than the variants used in the fourth generation. The AWD-i all-wheel drive, known from the RAV4, will also be available in Corolla Cross.

Photo: Paweł Krzyżanowski / Auto Świat

This model will most likely be offered only with a hybrid drive, including the version with a 1.8-liter engine, known from other models of the brand, but already in its latest, fifth generation.

The new Toyota Corolla Cross – European equipment will be rich

The driver’s eyes will see 12.3-inch personalized clocks, the new Toyota Smart Connect multimedia system with a 10.5-inch screen, and a completely new set of safety systems, also making its debut on the Corolla Cross. Compared to Toyoya Safety Sense 2.5, it has undergone so many changes that it was decided not to call it Safety Sense 3.0, but it got a completely new name T-Mate. It was equipped with, among others with Acceleration Suppression, Intersection Cut-In Traffic Assist, Intersection Turn Assist and SEA. Most importantly, the T-Mate will be a system that will be updated using cloud solutions. So if it is enriched with new solutions for which the car is technically prepared, an appropriate update will be available on board and the car will have new possibilities.

The edition, intended for European customers, including Polish ones, will also have an electrically opened and closed tailgate and a glass roof. The trunk itself will have a double floor, slightly different than the one shown in the photos. Its exact capacity is not known yet, but it is expected to be approx. 500 l.

Photo: Paweł Krzyżanowski / Auto Świat

As for the amount of space inside the Corolia Cross, it’s really nice. For this segment, it even has a decent amount of space on the rear seat, although if the front seats are really tall, there will be little space for the legs of the rear seats. The “little” is still a reasonable amount. There is much less space in C-HR, and the Corolla is positioned rather as a car for families with small children. In this arrangement, it will do great.

Photo: Paweł Krzyżanowski / Auto Świat

The new Toyota Corolla Cross – when will it hit the market and at what price?

The first question is much easier to answer. The Toyota Corolla Cross can be ordered online in May this year, while its production will start in Toyota’s Japanese factories in July. Why will the car be available for ordering before it reaches showrooms? The brand’s customers themselves decided about it. The interest is already so great that the possibility of booking a car must start as soon as possible. The company estimates that the Corolla Cross will find “several thousand” buyers only in 2022 and most likely this model will not be available on sale, because it will not be physically available. So we have an almost sure sales hit this fall.

The Cross will be available at dealerships in the fall (September or October). In October, the brand also provides open days, during which you will be able to see the car with your own eyes and test it for a short time.

The Toyota Corolla Cross will cost slightly more than the C-HR and slightly less than the RAV4. For now, the final price can only be speculated, but at the C-HR price of PLN 113,200 (base price), and the RAV4, starting from PLN 118,800 (for the base version with a gasoline engine, the hybrid costs approx. PLN 150,900), it can be expected that the new Corolla Cross will cost around PLN 115-120 thousand. zloty.

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