Newspaper Today | Galavarna talks Mario Abdo’s future, the PLRA crisis and a “scoop”

Juan Carlos Galavarna, Senator. Photo: Christian Meza, Media Nation.

The outgoing senator, Juan Carlos Galavarna, considers the recovery of the PLRA necessary for the reappearance of bipartisanship in politics. It also analyzes the future of Mario Abdo when he steps down and gives a scoop on Abdoism.

In the comfort of his residence, Juan Carlos Galavarna received a team from General Channel and gave an interview in which he responded to various current and past political issues.

On today’s forum, after the PLRA suffered a humiliating defeat, he recognized What is needed is that not only one, but both the traditional parties should also be strengthened.

“Hopefully there will be a PLRA for a while, because we need bipartisanship, one party is not convenient for anyone,” PLRA has very serious internal problems, hopefully it will be sorted out,” he said.

Regarding the comparisons made with Efrín Alegre and Domingo Llano, still blue drivers, due to the coincidence of three consecutive defeats in the national elections, Galavarna gave his special opinion.

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“Efrain de Lanno is far away. Laino is a sort of Abraham Lincoln in front of Efrain, not to disparage Efrain, but to be fair”she insisted.

When asked about Mario Abdo Benitez and his open declaration of creating a dissident Red Caucus, he replied: “Lo tecori leads you to chatter, if you care about things, you talk about chatter.” I don’t think so.”

He also included a thought about Abdo’s future a few months after the end of his term and what he might represent for the party and the country after 15 August. ,If being the President he did not make Karajo in politics, what is he going to do being the former President,” he said.

Regarding political news in the Colorado Party and the search for an administration announced by the President-elect, Calle said “Scoop”, That Abdist Senator Oscar Salomon visited Santiago Peña yesterday afternoon.

Present President of Congress It is not another piece within the abdomen, Since he was one of the few who persevered when the first cracks and subsequent breakdowns began in the benches in Anetatista at that time. However, once the internship was over, he showed a clear attitude in favor of List 1, unlike Abdo Benitez.

metapolitical office

Galavarna recalled that, at the time, he was to be part of the executive, when he was in the Ministry of the Interior, but as deputy minister, with General Machuca Vargas, whom he described as nice. In this regard, he said that General Rodríguez initially intended to appoint him as minister, but he did not go further than to replace the incumbent for a short time.

,The Ministry of the Interior is a ministry that kills politicians, a cemetery for politicians such as the municipality of Asuncion ”, orCedar tree.

Regarding his personal aspirations, he indicated that, Although this is his last term in Congress, it will not mean that he will stop politics. However, he clarified He never aimed to become President of the Republic, although he formed the Colorado Party.

Talking about the road map of the elected government, Galavarna said that the most important thing is that the money is in the pockets of the people. “Holy treat, money doesn’t create happiness, but it does give a sense of it,” he concluded.

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