Neymar and the alleged obscene gesture that went viral on the web, watch the video and draw your conclusion

São Paulo, May 21, 2022, by Jota Jackson — The entertainment section of the Diário Prime website features an article about Neymar. Namely, the star of the Brazilian team has returned to the center of attention on social networks. In short, when posing for a photo with the Paris Saint Germain squad, he was caught with an unusual gesture.

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In the video that was posted on the official TNT Sports page, players are lined up for a photograph. Furthermore, while some stood in a line, the others remained seated. And when the camera was filming, Neymar made a shape with his hands that hinted at the shape of a female genital organ. In short, in the caption of the video, TNT wrote that the player is a lot of juice from Brazil and asked: “What pose is this NeymarJr”?

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The video with Neymar’s gesture went viral on the web in a few hours

Like everything Neymar does, the repercussion is great, and his gesture was no different. Within hours the video went viral on the web. In this way, internet users even rescued a photo of Ronaldinho Gaúcho doing the same pose with his hands. In addition, there was no shortage of comments in a joking tone and calling the star of the selection a “root player”.

In addition to the photo with the alleged obscene gesture, the Brazilian ace was also the subject of other “gossip” on the web. In addition, DJ Bárbara Labres, during an interview, made a point of remembering a funny moment with the player in 2015, when they met at a party and the star hit on her.

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However, what could have made the situation very boring and embarrassing, as the DJ dumped the player, ended up making the two friends. Therefore, Neymar invited her the other day to have breakfast at his house and they haven’t been apart since then.

“He started hitting on me and I said, ‘I’ll tell you, I like the same thing you do. Here’s my girlfriend’. Then he: ‘What? You don’t want me to date you, do you? Damn, I liked you a lot, let’s be brother then?’”, said the DJ with a lot of laughs in the interview with Evelyn Regly on the Vaca Cast podcast.

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