Neymar is ‘criticized’ by a follower, he doesn’t lose his humor and answers in the can: “It’s your past”


Fan was surprised to realize that ace responded to his comment

Fan was surprised to realize that the ace responded to his comment.  Image: Reproduction / Official Facebook of the player.
Fan was surprised to realize that the ace responded to his comment. Image: Reproduction / Official Facebook of the player.

In addition to being a carque of Paris Saint-Germain, Neymar Jr has other skills well known to fans who accompany him in his career and in life, as a ‘commentator’ of reality show and tweeter. On the internet, the player is successful with his streamer gamer lives and his comments on Twitter. This Sunday (15), the player moved his followers by responding to a joke by a fan who commented on the star’s hair.

In a good mood, Neymar got into the spirit and responded to the unusual joke, making his followers follow the debate about the player’s aesthetics and appearance. On Twitter, a fan said he dreamed of having something, but his request was misunderstood: “I asked so much to be like Neymar that now I’m going bald. That’s not what I wanted, God”, joked the follower. , calling the player bald.

The comment caught the attention of the boy Ney, who gave an answer as unusual as the boy’s comment: “Calvo is your past, I have entries and it’s been a while, huh”, he wrote, following with an emoji of laughter. The fan, realizing that the star responded to his comment, was surprised: “Maluco, do you want to kill me early?”, he was surprised.

From there, the comments around Neymar’s hair began to appear: “Ney don’t be ashamed, accept the baldness and free yourself!!! A bald spot on top bothers a lot,” one fan said. Other followers took the opportunity to publish photos of the player that prove the “entries” of the hair, as well as demonstrations of baldness stages. Neymar also responded to the joke via a post on the official Instagram of TNT Sports Brasil, who shared the post: “Bald, I don’t stay! Only with the same entry as my father”, he said the player.

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