Neymar or Mbappe? Casagrande pins who is better: “Without a doubt”

Casagrande spoke about Neymar.

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In an interview with Professor Marco Antonio Villa’s podcast on YouTube, Casagrande was asked about a comparison involving two stars: Neymar and Mbappé. Without showing any doubt, the former player believes that the Frenchman, at the moment, is above the striker of the Brazilian team. Thus, to support his point of view, he cited the recent performance by PSG and in the World Cup to justify the opinion.

In addition, Casão believes that Mbappé will arrive with more morale in Qatar. With a renewed contract with PSG, the shirt 7 has been gaining more and more status as the “owner” of the team, while Neymar was even quoted to leave Paris in the current transfer window.

“Right now, I have no doubt. Mbappé is world champion, he was the best young player at the last World Cup, he is 23 years old, he has a whole story to be written. Neymar has already written his story, and half of the story going forward was not cool. He will have one more opportunity to try to make a great World Cup and redeem himself from the last one, which was horrible. Just fall, rolled on the floor, became a meme all over the world. He will arrive four years older, with several bruises. His last two years were very bad, while Mbappé will arrive with all his strength and vitality. At this moment, Mbappé is better than Neymar”, evaluated.

Neymar’s decision to leave Barcelona

Regarding his compatriot’s career management, Casagrande highlighted that Neymar made a mistake by leaving Barcelona. Seduced by the project and also the high figures of PSG, the ace opted for the challenge in the French capital, but has been accumulating frustrations in sequence in the main objective of the club, since the title of the Champions League has not yet been achieved.

Of course it could (have gone further). First, he should have stayed at Barcelona and not gone to PSG. At Barcelona, ​​he would win more titles and could win the Ballon d’Or. He could (at least) have been the second best in the world, he would have been in that pie. He went to PSG, which is a team that has no shirt weight and history in Europe. Paris only wins the French League and Coupe de France. In the Champions League, you almost always get hit with someone with more history or who plays a tougher league. Real Madrid, by the weight of the shirt, ran over PSG. He shouldn’t have left Barcelona, ​​it would have been more serious. In Paris, he can be late, come with a broken foot to Carnival… In Barcelona, ​​he wouldn’t do that because the guys were serious and wanted to win titles.”expressed Casão.

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