Nicola is the youngest graduate, Marco passes the Medicine test

Nicola’s story –

Nicola discussed his thesis in tax law on Tuesday, in the Sala Colonna of the Luiss Campus in Viale Pola. “I didn’t skip ahead, but gradually I moved forward. I attended first grade at five, and at 16 and a half I already enrolled at the university, after graduating from the first four-year international section of the Bari Flacco”, he specifies the 20-year-old, as reported by the Corriere della Sera.

“It doesn’t seem to me to be too young, I did everything I wanted calmly and in my own time. And then the added value was not studying at home, because I was afraid of being distracted, but always outside, often in the university, open 24 hours a day, with friends, to discuss, and take breaks to chat. Socialization was the spring that pushed me to go on without hesitation. I have never felt alone “, adds Nicola.

“The passion for the Constitution came to me by myself, and in fact I always have it on my bedside table”, he emphasizes. A dream for the future? “An important study in Rome, after completing a master’s degree and having further studied tax law. And I wouldn’t even mind continuing my university career, perhaps with a doctorate”.

Marco’s story –

Marco, from Mezzane di Sotto (Verona, a rural area where the phone struggles to find a field, recorded the highest possible score, without making mistakes. What is his secret? “I didn’t use the Alpha Tests, I preferred to study on my school books (he attended the Copernicus Scientific High School of San Michele Extra in Verona, ed.) I tried to make several simulations of the past years, because I think it is important to understand how quizzes are formulated, but for the study I chose to based on the textbooks and the preparation I was given at school “, says the 19-year-old a The Arena.

“During the years of high school I became passionate about mathematics, physics, biology and other scientific subjects, so I decided to undertake this path in the biological-health field”, he explains, and, speaking of the future, he adds: “There are some areas that I would like deepen, such as Immunology, Neurology and Dietology, but I will see in the coming years which will be the most suitable address for me “.

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