Nicole Kidman today: life and successes of the Hollywood diva

nicole kidman today

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Charming and refined, Nicole Kidman is one of the actresses who forever marked the history of Hollywood. Her contribution was fundamental in films such as Eyes wide shut And Moulin Rouge!and in the course of his long career the actress proved a matchless talent. Today Kidman is a gorgeous 54-year-old who has passed a period of depression and fascinated everyone to Oscar 2022. For her unfailing skill, and for that photography controversial, which later became viral on social media, which is among the most memorable memes ever.

Nicole Kidman today

Nicole Kidman was one of the protagonists undisputed of the 74th edition of the Oscars. Primarily for his candidacy at the Academy Awards such as Best Actress in a Leading Role, which unfortunately did not make her conquer her second statuette. The actress was in contention with the film About the Ricardoswhere he acts alongside Javier Bardem (also a candidate with his wife Penélope Cruz). In Aaron Sorkin’s film, the actress takes on the role of Lucille Ballthe beloved protagonist of the first sitcom absolutely. Blowing the place a Cate BlanchettKidman gives proof of her talent again: we are witnessing the umpteenth transformation by Nicole. His appearance is upset and at the same time Kidman manages to give us a faithful portrait of the Ball, to which she manages to resemble more than ever.

The look of the 2022 Oscars

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Another reason Kidman had all eyes on her on Oscar night is hers outfit. The actress originally from Honolulu wore a pearl of Italian haute couture. Her dress pastel blue characterized by a oversized bow and from one train studded with light, it is signed Giorgio Armani Privé: as glamorous and elegant as ever, Kidman is enchanting in this dream dress.

Nicole Kidman becomes a meme

Finally, the last reason Nicole Kidman is remembered at the 2022 Oscars is precisely the fateful one photography that has been around the web. In the image we can see a Nicole with a deformed face from astonishmentand it was mistakenly associated with Will Smith slap towards the comedian and presenter Chris Rock. Although this photo perfectly represents the reaction of all of us to a similar gesture, was not taken at that juncture but half an hour earlier. Nicole Kidman has that expression because she is greeting her friend Jessica Chastainwho soon approached her with her husband.

Nicole Kidman today: private life

Today Nicole she is a successful actress, but also one mom full time. Nicole Kidman and her friends four children they are very close. The eldest, Isabella, was adopted by the actress and Tom Cruise. Today she is one designer of jewels, he almost has 30 years and it’s married. Like his he father, he is loyal to the organization Scientology.

Connor is the second adopted child of the former couple, ha 26 years and it is a dj. He too followed in his father’s footsteps, at least on a spiritual level, becoming a member of the same organization. For his part it is not a problem for Nicole, and he has repeatedly stated that her job is to love them unconditionally.

In addition to the two children taken up for adoption with Cruise, Kidman has had two children with the husband Keith Urban. The first is called Sunday Roseit’s a beautiful one 13 years old and looks a lot like the singer dad. The latest addition to Kidman-Urban is Faith Margaretborn in 2010 from a surrogate mother. Unlike her sister, Faith took her mother’s eyes, hair, and pale skin. Both of her little girls are fascinated by acting and the world of cinema, and have appeared alongside their mother in well two tv series. We obviously speak of Big little lies And The Undoing. Will it be the prelude to a fantastic career like mom Nicole’s?

Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise, a difficult divorce

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The Australian actress is back to talk about hers divorce from colleague Tom Cruise just a while ago. In a BBC documentary she opened up, telling how the depression it came upon her after her marriage ended. The end of an intense story and the fear of not being able to have children pushed Nicole towards a dangerous abyss. From which she luckily came out completely, but which she was able to channel into one of her most masterful interpretations of her. In fact, at that time she was on the set of The hours, a film where she gave her all. Not surprisingly, her effort was rewarded with a Oscar Prize.

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