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She loves exploring places where others don’t go, and not just as an actress. For some years now, Nicole Kidman she has a production company: she likes to grow small projects, sometimes she throws herself like a teenager, without knowing where they will take her. That sense of abandonment is priceless, like family evenings chatting with daughters and husbands, in their Nashville home, close to nature. These are her most precious moments of her life

He wears a masculine white suit, over a light blue shirt and blue regimental tie with light stripes. The loose hair, the relaxed expression that suits the slow and enveloping pace of the South of the United States. However, his gaze is always alert and present. Nicole Kidman, 55, restores the image of a resolute woman, at peace with time and space. In recent times, her career has returned to shine, as if at the turn of the old and new century, at the time of Eyes wide shutfrom Moulin Rouge! and the 2003 Oscar for Best Actress for her portrayal of Virginia Woolf in The hours.

The recovery of these years has been characterized by her role as producer, starting with Rabbit hole, and by television series such as Big little lies and The undoing-The truths don’t telland with Hugh Grant, until the nomination a few months ago for the interpretation of Lucille Ball in Being the Ricardos alongside Javier Bardem. After leaving the metropolis, today the Australian actress lives in Nashville, the city of choice of the New Zealand country musician Keith Urban, with whom she has been married since 2006 and with whom she had two daughters who are now teenagers – one of them with surrogacy – after the first two adoptions, which date back to her marriage to Tom Cruise. We meet her right in the capital of Tennessee, on the occasion of an event organized by Omega, a brand of which she is one of her longest-lived ambassadors, to talk about cinema, choices and her relationship with time.

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Why did you decide to start producing?

It was very natural to think of taking stories, books, and bringing them to the screen. Often in the acting profession it is like this: you are at the mercy of others, you have to be chosen. You audition, they turn you down. The first thing you learn is to be rejected. You never get used to it. It is a constant and ultimately personal, because you are rejected for how you look, for how you speak, because you are not talented enough, and all of this is deeply personal. So at some point when you can take the reins it’s… Wow! Having some control, some power, not always being at the mercy of what the industry says is important. I started with a little movie, Rabbit Hole, a beautiful Pulitzer winning comedy. Taking it, becoming friends with the author, bringing it to the screen was one of the most satisfying things in my career. We are a small group, we are called Bespoke (tailor-made, ed). We don’t do big mass productions, we just want to choose small things and make them grow, like Big little lies. We work for passion and not for business or because we have to meet deadlines. We are small, delicate, somehow intimate.

Looking back, what were the best and worst choices?

I don’t like to point out one in particular. I think there is an ongoing evolution, which sometimes requires taking risks and jumping off the cliff – fantastic feeling – while other times you think “I would like to, but now I can’t”. Sometimes I make choices as a teenager, I mean I don’t think about the consequences, as kids often do. I like the sense of abandonment that comes from not knowing where things will lead you, from not having a map, while often people are looking for the opposite. Each choice leads to another, in reality there are no better or worse ones along the way.

Speaking of choices, as a girl she turned down a part proposed by Academy Award-winning director Jane Campion from New Zealand because she would have to wear a bathing cap and kiss a girl. Today she accepts roles in which she undergoes major transformations, as she is in The Destroyer.

Here (she exclaims laughing, ed), that is a choice that I regret, Jane is a friend. So I wanted to be nice, kiss a boy. Now I like to explore places where others don’t usually go. What happens when you have wasted your life, you are wrong and the shame is within you. Destroyer was a tough movie, but I love getting dirty and trying. It was a very heavy film and after that I couldn’t have made another one like that. The same goes for a miniseries that I’m finishing shooting. That too is a complex character. So soon after I switched to a romantic comedy with Zac Efron and Joey King (produced by Netflix, filming has just finished, ed). I needed to disconnect and it was light and fun, like floating.

What was your relationship with the weather over the two years of the pandemic?

On the one hand it seemed an infinite time, on the other incredibly fast. I remember the sense of anguish in hearing the theme song of the news. In some ways it seemed to me that 15 years have passed, for those timeless days. For others, this thing went away quickly, but I think it will take time for all of us, who have lived it together, to process it.

How is it here in Nashville?

It belongs to me, I have lived here for a long time, I have seen the city change, become bigger. My husband has been here for 35 years. I love nature, I could not live in a metropolis, without greenery, without space. When I have to work, to stay away, I have to prepare myself, think: “I will be kidnapped for a while”. I love having space and time.

What is your favorite time of day?

The Twilight. When the light starts to go down and you feel that the evening is coming.

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Nicole Kidman at the event organized by Omega in the city where she lives, Nashville. The actress has been a brand ambassador since 2005.


How do you prefer to spend your time?

I attach great value to it. In the family we say that it is the most important thing, and it has become a fundamental part in the choices of our life. I have two girls, this is my priority, I don’t want not to be there in the evening, not to be able to chat with them at bedtime. The best way to spend time? Talk to them, listen to them, help them. It’s the same for my husband. Being together, listening to music, reading, watching a movie. This summer we went back to travel all together, to Paris and Greece.

She once declared that she was ready to leave the cinema to raise children. What do you think today?

This is what led me to produce. I ditched a movie, I didn’t want to do it during pregnancy, have the character in my body, carry those emotions inside me while my daughter was there too. So I thought “I’m ready to move on”, but my mother, wise, said to me: “Don’t close the door to acting, I gave you birth, I know you. The desire to act and to create is within you ”. She was trying to tell me, it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. She made me feel free, she made me realize I had a choice. It was around this time that you read the reviews of the play Rabbit hole in the New York Times. A year and a half later we started producing it for the cinema.

Speaking of motherhood, this is a topic on which she has expressed a lot.

I think being maternal is part of my identity. And it’s not just about my daughters. I like being able to take care of people, it gives me joy, it doesn’t weigh on me, on the contrary it gives me energy, it makes me feel good. There were times when I couldn’t have children, and so I made sure to help others. And part of that is learning to love me a little more.

If you could go back and talk to baby Nicole, what would you say to her?

“Don’t worry so much.” I think there is a lot of concern around today, too much. It creates anxiety among the younger generation. It is important to see things from many points of view, to be compassionate and kind, with oneself and with others. It’s hard for me too. “Be kinder to yourself and to others”. Here’s what I would tell myself.

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