Nine symptoms of Omikron in vaccinated people. What can happen to you?

  1. The Omikron variant causes relatively mild symptoms – especially compared to Delta, which is still responsible for numerous hospitalizations in our country

  2. The course of the disease may vary depending on whether the person is vaccinated or who has not taken any COVID-19 preparation.

  3. Differences are also observed in the case of individual preparations

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Symptoms of Omicron in the vaccinated

People vaccinated against COVID-19 develop Omicron infection relatively mildly. The course, however, depends on how many doses the person took and which preparation he chose. However, nine common symptoms appear most often. These are:

  1. runny nose, stuffy nose, sneezing

  2. cough,

  3. a sore throat or a scratchy throat

  4. Headache,

  5. muscle pain,

  6. fatigue,

  7. fever, chills or feeling cold

  8. lack of appetite

  9. vomiting.

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Unusual symptoms of Omicron. Not only in the vaccinated

Loss of appetite and vomiting are only observed in vaccinated people. Thanks to the ZOE COVID Study application and doctors from different countries, we learn that infection in both people after vaccination and those who have not taken any COVID-19 preparation may also cause other symptoms. These include night sweats of increased intensity or back pain.

The list also includes hives or skin rash, as well as the so-called covid fingers. These are characteristic changes that were also observed when infected with previous variants of the coronavirus.

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The course of Omikron infection in vaccinated and unvaccinated. What is the difference between?

With few exceptions (such as loss of appetite and vomiting), most mild symptoms of Omikron infection may affect both those who are vaccinated and those who have not taken the COVID-19 preparation. Does this mean that the course of the disease is similar, regardless of the level of protection against the coronavirus? Not exactly.

Craig Spencer, a doctor from the New York HED and emergency medicine expert from Columbia University decided to systematize his knowledge and share it with Internet users. From his statements, we learn how the infection proceeds in people vaccinated with two doses, a booster, as well as individual preparations. The doctor also describes the course of the infection in the unvaccinated.

“Every patient who came to me with COVID-19 after a booster dose had mild symptoms. It is primarily a sore throat, fatigue, and sometimes muscle pain. No breathing problems or rapid breathing. Overall a mild ailments, but generally everything is fine, “writes Spencer.

With only two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, the infected person’s situation is slightly worse. However, this applies to those vaccinated with Pfizer or Moderna, i.e. mRNA preparations.

Most of the patients I saw after two doses of Pfizer or Moderna still had mild symptoms, but they show up more often than those who took the booster. They were more tired. Fever and cough are more common. In general, they get sick a bit worse than those after the booster, but still without breathlessness or difficulty breathing. They went through well most of the time. “

However, people who have been vaccinated with a single-dose Johnson & Johnson preparation and have not yet taken the booster should be on their guard. In their case, the course of infection with Omikron may be unpleasant.

“Most of the patients I dealt with were in worse condition. They felt terrible. Fever for several days, weakness, fatigue. Coughing and rapid breathing more often. But none required hospitalization or oxygen support. These cases are not so mild anymore, but not life threatening yet, “concludes Spencer.

Unvaccinated people are by far the worst situation when they come across the Omikron variant.

Almost every patient I care for admitted to the hospital for COVID-19 was unvaccinated. Everyone has severe shortness of breath. Saturation dropped in everyone who came to the ward. Everyone needs oxygen to breathe regularly, “adds Spencer.

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