“No fascist salute at Stabilini’s funeral, it was a military ritual” – Corriere.it

from Maurizio Giannattasio

The regional councilor for security: «We lifted the weight of those who made the film, we knew it would be exploited. An old friend who was my brother-in-law died “

Councilor Romano La Russa, do you know why I’m calling you?

“I guess vaguely.”

His Roman salute is making the rounds of the web.

«I don’t understand all this alarm and confusion between a present and the Roman greetings. An old friend who was my brother-in-law died. About fifteen friends from school thought to greet him as he had asked and as he would have liked in front of his section, because he has always been a militant of the right. Then the present was given which is anything but a Roman greeting. If one is ignorant he confuses it with the Roman greeting, in the sense that he is ignorant of the matter ».

It looks more like an apology for fascism.

“This is a military ritual. The present is an outstretched arm salute that has nothing to do with the Roman salute. Either we do or we don’t do the present, but it is not the Roman greeting, it is the present that we have always given to our deceased for 60 years now. I remember that as a boy, in Sicily, when all the people on the right and left passed the coffin, they raised their arms as a greeting after the sign of the cross, it was a custom that we have kept ”.

La Russa, without going around so much, that is the fascist salute.
«No, no, that is not the Roman salute, no one there did the Roman salute. The present has been made that it is an outstretched military salute. It is not that every time someone raises his arm he makes the Roman salute. It is not a defense, so much so that the courts have had to admit it and not condemn the boys of the tributes to Sergio Ramelli. That the present and the Roman greeting then coincide depends on the situations. It is not that every time one raises one’s arm the fascist danger arises. I don’t understand all this scandal ».

A nice own goal a few days before the elections.

“It was inappropriate. Inappropriate if it had been a Roman greeting, but inopportune anyway ».

What did your brother Ignatius tell you, was he angry?

«My brother and many others. Yesterday we lifted the weight of whoever made the film (published for the first time by ilfattoquotidiano.it, ed) and who made it run because we were aware that it would be exploited. Not because it was a crime but because we knew how it would be used ».

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September 21, 2022 (change September 21, 2022 | 13:27)

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