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The video message addressed to international journalists in which he spoke in English, French and Spanish

A video message in three languages, English, French and Spanish, to deny that with the victory of the Brothers of Italy there would be the risk of an authoritarian change: the president of the party, Giorgia Meloni, made it, sending it to international journalists in our country : «Hello everyone, I’m Giorgia Meloni, I’m 45 years old and I’m the President of Fratelli d’Italia, the political party of the Italian conservatives. For days I have been reading articles in the international press on the upcoming elections that will give Italy a new government, in which I am described as a danger to democracy, to Italian, European and international stability. I have read that the victory of the Brothers of Italy in the September elections would involve a disaster, which would lead to an authoritarian change, Italy’s exit from the Euro and other nonsense of this kind. None of this is true but I know very well that these articles are inspired by the powerful media circuit of the left, which here in Italy is very strong in the editorial offices of newspapers and in television programs, but is in a clear minority among the Italian people. It has also been said that a center-right government would jeopardize the funds of the Next Generation EU and the implementation of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, but I categorically deny this absurd narrative. On this ground, the Draghi government could have done more but it was not possible not because of the Brothers of Italy – the only party in the opposition – but because of a too heterogeneous and quarrelsome majority. The same one that brought about the end of that government. This is why Italy needs a cohesive government with clear ideas, which not only will not lose a euro of those resources but will encourage investments and the growth of our country. You must also know that in Italy for more than ten years governments have not been the result of what citizens choose with the vote, but the result of agreements, often under the table or heterodirect, between those parties that fought each other in the electoral campaign. In these 10 years, the left, which in Italy has not won the elections since 2006, has almost always managed to stay in government. This is a huge anomaly in the Western political landscape, because in a democracy those who lose the elections usually go to the opposition. For too many years in Italy, however, those who lose the elections find themselves in the government and achieve bad results. In this decade our nation has experienced an unprecedented social and economic decline, with a progressive worsening of public finances, the quality of life of citizens, and the competitive capacity of our businesses. With the left in power, the state has turned into an enemy of the citizen and business, increasingly violating individual freedoms. Yes, freedom. Freedom is the most precious asset for us. To this compass we orient our historical judgment. The Italian Right has consigned fascism to history for decades now, unambiguously condemning the deprivation of democracy and the infamous anti-Jewish laws. And obviously our condemnation of Nazism and communism is also unambiguous, the only one of the totalitarian ideologies of the twentieth century that is still in power in some nations, surviving its tragic failures, which the left struggles to condemn, perhaps also because from The Soviet Union has received generous funding for decades. At the same compass of freedom, we orient our positioning on the facts of today’s world, in which we strongly oppose any undemocratic drift with words of firmness that we do not always find in the Italian and European left. Today this left is terrified because in the next elections the Italians could choose the change represented by the Brothers of Italy. But we can no longer allow the image of the Italian Conservatives, bulwark of freedom and defense of Western values, to continue to be muddied by mystifiers who seek every expedient to maintain power. For years I have also had the honor of presiding over the European Conservative Party, which shares values ​​and experiences with the British Tories, the US Republicans and the Israeli Likud. Our position in the Western camp is clear and crystalline, as we have shown once again by condemning the brutal Russian aggression against Ukraine and contributing, from the opposition, to strengthening the Italian position in Europe and internationally. Our idea of ​​Europe is that of a political entity capable of representing real added value for its citizens, with less bureaucracy and more ability to affect major issues. What do we want for the future of Italy? We want it to go back to being that great, dynamic and innovative nation, appreciated all over the world, which has contributed to making Europe great. We are loyal, honest and determined people. And we are ready to usher in a new season of stability, freedom and prosperity for Italy. Like it or not on the left ».

August 10, 2022 – Updated August 10, 2022, 7:09 pm


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