Noisy engine? There is a solution and it costs very little: you don’t even have to go to the mechanic

Often times, the user is annoyed by the noise of their car. The latest technology is now used, which includes silent motors. On the contrary, in certain other conditions, the noise level while driving is instead such as to be considered a nuisance factor. But today we reveal a secret: there is a way to greatly reduce engine noise, and without even going to the mechanic.

Given the simplicity of the proposed method, you will not have to turn to itprecisely, to the mechanic, but you can do it yourself. Specifically, just wash the engine with one solutiona product such that it can find a remedy for the noisiness so detested. It does not matter that it is not a new vehicle, meaning a new generation one.

In any case, it can happen, even with a newer vehicle engine, that the mechanism is quite worn and needs to be refurbished. In case, that may be refurbished with the aforementioned washing. But why is it important to wash the engine?

A clean engine will donate a look better, with a clarity that will also allow you to find any faults and anomalies more easily. Once the exterior cleaning of the engine, with the most appropriate means, it is possible to switch to the other type of cleaning, that carried out through a additive.

There first phase cleaning must be carried out cold, using a cardboard to be placed underneath, and with the use of a spray gun, except where there is a risk of bump into certain mechanisms with the spray itself. Now, the part that interests us most here is the addition of theadditive. It is in fact through it that you will reduce significantly the noise of the motor.

The additive and its function

Before going to the mechanic, and maybe spending a fortune to get the engine back on track, you can resort to this “home” method. The same costs nothing, apart from the price of the additive bottle. A good additive to be included in the engine for its cleaning, in fact, will allow to complete different actions simultaneously. In addition to cleaning strictly speaking, also the lubricationand the protection of the internal surfaces of the engine.

The noise in the engine is due to specific factors, which can often be remedied by simply adding a specific additive.

It will be sufficient to add it to the engine oil filter, before changing the oil itself. Once a first dose has been inserted, it will then have to stabilize, with the maintenance of the motor switched on, to a minimumfor a ten minutes. When finished, drain the oil, change the filter, and add more engine oil.

After adding a 300 ml vial to the filter, in fact, and after the considered treatment, the noise will decreasereturning to standard and feasible levels.

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