Non-bank loans. We know how much a Pole draws on average

In October, the total amount of loans granted by specialized companies including companies increased by 78.2 percent. – according to the data of the Credit Information Bureau. The average non-bank loan is already PLN 2,329.

Only in October this year, companies cooperating with BIK granted almost 275 thous. loans for a total amount of PLN 714 million.

As for the amount, it means an increase by as much as 78.2%. compared to last October. On the other hand, the number of loans increased by 62.5%. – reports BIK.

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How much is the average loan

In October, a non-bank loan amounted to an average of PLN 2,329, which means an increase of over 10%. compared to October 2020. About 45 percent. loans, however, are granted for relatively small amounts, not exceeding PLN 1,000. PLN – it follows from BIK data.

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The largest increase in demand was recorded for loans below PLN 500. In October, they were awarded by as much as 120 percent. more than compared to the corresponding period of 2020. 71 percent on the other hand, the number of loans for the amount of over 5,000 increased. zloty.

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