Nord Stream 2. The dispute in the US Congress over sanctions. New documents

  • The State Department recently sent a document to Senate Democrats in hopes of prompting them to vote against the Republican bill
  • “If the law is adopted, it will only serve to weaken the unity among our European allies at a crucial moment,” argues the department
  • Daniel Vajdich from Yorktown Solutions, in turn, sent out a letter countering the administration’s arguments
  • “The Ukrainian leadership wants to re-impose sanctions on Nord Stream 2 because its completion threatens the security of Kiev” – we can read in it
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The State Department recently sent out a document to Senate Democrats entitled “The Cruz Bill is Designed to Undermine the Unity of our Allies, not Punish Russia”, hoping to induce them to vote against the Republican bill.

Daniel Vajdich of Yorktown Solutions, who advises the Ukrainian state-owned energy company Naftogaz and works with officials in Kiev on the pipeline and other energy issues, sent a letter countering the administration’s arguments.

“If passed, the law would only serve to undermine unity among our European allies at a crucial juncture. The ability to stop a further Russian invasion of Ukraine through the threat of sanctions on the pipeline would be lost, and the re-imposition of sanctions on the pipeline would split transatlantic unity by reversing America’s deal with Germany. The law would make Europe vulnerable to the Russian energy monopoly in the middle of winter, “argues the State Department, which is trying to dissuade senators from supporting the sanctions.

Vajdich, in turn, wrote that the document, sent by e-mail to almost all Democratic offices in the Senate and about half of the Republican offices in the Senate, was “prepared by the Ukrainian energy federation and is in line with the position of the Ukrainian government expressed by President Volodymyr Zelensky, Prime Minister Denis Szmygał and Speaker of Parliament Ruslan Stefanczuk “.

“The Ukrainian leadership wants to re-impose sanctions on Nord Stream 2 because its completion threatens Kiev’s security. Transatlantic unity will not suffer – and may even be strengthened – by the unfinished gas pipeline. energy transit route “- this is a short argument of the supporters of the sanctions.

POLITICO confirmed in the Ukrainian government that Vajdich’s letter represents the position of Kiev.

Vajdich himself told the service that the administration document “was factually poor and contained numerous misleading information, giving Senate Democrats an inaccurate impression of what the administration and the German government did and did not do about Nord Stream 2.”

Democrats also prepared a response to the sanctioning law of Ted Cruz. The new project is to allow Democrats to maintain a tough stance towards the Kremlin. It would impose sanctions on the Russian banking sector in the event of a re-invasion of Ukraine, as well as “ban transactions in Russia’s primary and secondary sovereign debt and authorize sanctions against the Russian extractive industries as well as providers of specialized financial messaging services.” The law also allows up to $ 500 million to be allocated to additional weapons and defense materials for Ukraine.

The bill was consulted with the White House, which has already expressed its support for the bill. President officials say unofficially, “it provides the political cover that pro-Ukrainian Democrats need to vote against the Cruz bill.”

– The fight to stop Nord Stream 2 will continue. Congress will impose sanctions to stop the project sooner or later, said Vajdich NatSec Daily.

Americans do not want to impose new sanctions on Nord Stream 2. “Undermining unity in Europe”

Until recently, the US secretary of state issued an ultimatum to the Russian government regarding the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. However, the spokesman of the State Department, Ned Price, strongly toned down American declarations. He stated that the introduction of new sanctions could lead to undermining the unity of European allies in the face of the threat from Russia.

“ Our concern is that, if adopted, this law will only serve to undermine unity among our European allies at a crucial moment in which we need to present a united front in response to Russian threats against Ukraine, ” Price said during a telephone press conference on the plan. additional sanctions imposed by Congress on Nord Stream 2.

On Wednesday, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced after a meeting with the head of German diplomacy Annalena Baerbock that the gas pipeline – which is under construction but will face many months of certification and approval by EU bodies – will not be launched if Russia decides to resume aggression against Ukraine.

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