Nord Stream, the hypothesis: 500 kilos of explosives placed by robots

Half a ton of explosives placed by robots normally used for the maintenance of the Nord Stream. This is the hypothesis that the Guardian newspaper outlines in relation to the explosions – in total there would be 4 – that damaged the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines in the Baltic Sea, causing a leak of methane gas. The Guardian refers to a joint report that Denmark and Sweden have delivered to the UN: the document states that the leaks in the plants were caused by explosions comparable to the power of “several hundred kilos of explosives”. The line, highlights the newspaper, is also shared by the German authorities. Intelligence sources cited by Der Spiegel magazine highlight that the explosions, located in 4 different points, would be linked to the use of about 500 kilos of TNT: the hypothesis was developed on the basis of the analysis of the data recorded by the seismographs. The first signs of a detonation were recorded in the early hours of Monday 26 September. The explosions, according to the first reports, would have occurred at a depth between 70 and 90 meters. The use of mini-submarines does not appear to be compatible with the quantity of explosives mentioned by the experts, who therefore focus on the use of robots usually used for plant maintenance operations.

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FINLAND: NORTH STREAM LEAKS IN AREA WHERE CHEMICAL WEAPONS ARE BURIED – The leaks from the Nord Stream pipeline in the Baltic Sea lie in an area where chemical weapons were once buried. This was denounced by the Finnish Environment Agency (Syke), according to which the Danish Bornholm basin is the most important chemical weapons dump in the Baltic Sea. The first pipeline leak was detected on Monday on the southeast side of Bornholm Island. Since then, a total of four leak points have been detected in the pipes. Syke, however, assured that the effect of gas leaks on chemical weapons is likely to be modest, as the buried weapons are several kilometers away from the leak points.

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