Nordio: “Prisons are my priority. The sentence must not be expiated only in the cell” – Politics

“Prisons are my priority”: the Minister of Justice Carlo Nordio said in response to a question from reporters on the priorities to be addressed as soon as he arrived at Roma Tre University for the presentation of the prison police calendar. The minister then entered the lecture hall of the law faculty, where the event takes place in which the head of the Dap Carlo Renoldi also participates.

Yesterday on prisons, Meloni in the Senate said: “Prison overcrowding cannot be fought by decriminalizing. I believe in the value and in the principle of legal certainty. Liliana Segre said that we must know how to choose the right. But how do you help those who choose the right, if those who choose what is wrong never pay? I believe that the certainty of the law also depends on the certainty of the sentence “.

“In our program there is the strengthening of the building structures” of the prisons “and of human resources”, said today the Minister of Justice Carlo Nordio, stressing that “it is necessary build new prisons and improve existing ones “ And “also improve the economic treatment” of prison officers and of those who work in prisons “in really difficult conditions” speaking on the sidelines of a prison police event taking place at the University of Roma Tre.

“The certainty of the punishment, which is one of the cornerstones of guarantee, provides that the sentence must be carried out, but this does not only mean prison and above all it does not mean cruel and inhuman prison that would be against the Constitution and Christian principles”, said the Keeper of the Seals Carlo Nordio speaking at the Roma Tre University.

“The detainee must be helped in his recovery” or “at least not to make him worse than when he entered the prison”. For Nordio, much can be done by strengthening sports and work activities for inmates.