North Korea has launched a missile. The third missile test this year – o2

The Yonhap agency, citing the Joint Chiefs of Staff, announced another North Korean missile test. The missile was to be launched from the east coast of the country.

According to the Japanese coast guard, it could have been a ballistic missile. It was launched hours after North Korea accused the US of “provocations” and warned of a “stronger and more confident response” to sanctions.


North Korea’s third missile test in the last 10 days

This is North Korea’s third missile test in recent days. The previous ones were held on January 5 and 11. Pyongyang claims that the tested missiles belonged to the class of hypersonic weapons,

The final test of a new type of hypersonic missile was conducted in the presence of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on Tuesday, which was successful, the official North Korean news agency KCNA announced on Wednesday.


In response to a series of recent missile tests, the US has imposed new sanctions on five high-ranking North Koreans involved in weapons of mass destruction production programs.

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