Not French, but American manicure is now a hit in salons. It is worn by Jennifer Lopez and Selena Gomez

All indications are that the most fashionable nail design in the fall-winter 2021 season will be American manicure. At least, this is what the famous celebrity manicurists choose, among whom this styling is a real sensation. On the one hand, it is outstanding and gives a “wow” effect, but on the other hand, it looks natural, neat and elegant. Thanks to this, it works both on a daily basis and during big outings – and the proof may be the fact that recently American manicure has reigned supreme on red carpets. What is this type of nail styling and how to do it?

American manicure can be called a more modern and stylish version of the classic French. Although white-tipped nails have made a big comeback recently, they don’t look as literal today as they did 20 years ago. In the early 2000s, long nail tips filed in a square shape, painted with opaque pink or beige varnish and topped with a thick white line were fashionable. For the record, this is what the most desirable manicure in 2001 looked like on an example Jessica Simpson:

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And although the gen Z generation is currently crazy about the Y2K aesthetics, for which such French is the most characteristic, Hollywood stars and their manicurists prefer something more subtle. In this way, the “new” French, promoted today by the most sought-after names in the industry, gained the name of American manicure.

What does American manicure look like?

In the case of this type of French, the contrast between the white tip and the color of the nail is much smaller. This gives a softer and more natural effect. A significant difference also applies to the tile that is most often used almond shapeand not a square. It also adds more class to the styling and makes it more subdued than the classic version. The best illustration of American manicure is nails Jennifer Lopez from her recent Dolce & Gabbana shoot in Venice:

He was responsible for the celebrity’s manicure Tom Bachnikwho also styles nails on a daily basis Selena Gomez, Camili Cabello, Lily Aldridge and Olivia Rodrigo. He reveals that the most important trick to achieve a similar effect to JLo is a little reordering. Instead of starting by painting the entire tile with nude base varnish, start with the white tip. To make the pattern even, mark the center of the nail and paint two semicircular arcs on the sides that will match the shape of the plate. Reach for a varnish in a shade of light beige, cream or off-white, which will make the manicure more subtle.

Tom Bachnik then advises you to precisely align the white line with eyeliner brush dipped in nail polish remover. “When doing this, turn your hand facing you, this will make it easier for you to keep the same line on both sides of the nail“- advises the expert. When the bow is ready, apply a protective base on the nail, e.g. vegan Neonail – due to the fact that it contains most of the ingredients of natural origin, it damages the nail plate to a much lesser extent and extends the durability of the manicure. After the base is dry, paint the entire tile transparent varnish – it can be completely transparent or have a slightly nude shade. Manicure is supposed to give the effect of “naked” nails and emphasize their natural color. Finally, secure the whole thing with a hardening top.

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