Novak Djoković was allowed to appear at the Australian Open. That was the whole process

The organizers of the Australian Open in a statement stated on what grounds Novak Djoković was granted a medical leave and permission to perform in the tournament in Melbourne. Serb’s application was examined by panels of independent experts.

Marcin Motyka

Marcin Motyka

Novak Djoković

PAP / EPA / JASON O’BRIEN / In the photo: Novak Djoković

Only tennis players vaccinated against COVID-19 were to be vaccinated against COVID-19, according to local authorities. Meanwhile, Novak Djoković was allowed to participate in the tournament thanks to a medical leave.

The case caused a stir in the tennis community. The organizers of the Australian Open referred to it by publishing a statement.

“Djoković applied for a medical release, which was granted after a rigorous review process involving two independent panels of medical experts,” it reads.

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“One of them is the Independent Medical Exit Review Panel set up by the Victorian Department of Health. It assessed whether the applications met the Australian Advisory Group on Immunization (ATAGI) requirements.”

The process of applying for a medical certificate was very complicated. The submitted application was examined by groups appointed to it, consisting of experts in the field of medicine.

‘As part of an independent process, applications for waiver were screened by an expert panel composed of doctors in immunology, infectious diseases and general practice,’ the organizers emphasized.

“Applications that met ATAGI’s guidelines were subjected to a second review by the Independent Medical Exit Review Panel. Applications were reviewed and approved in accordance with ATAGI’s guidelines. The process involved editing personal data to ensure the privacy of all applicants.”

In turn, Craig Tiley, tournament director, stated: “Fair and independent protocols have been established to process medical applications to ensure the Australian Open is safe for all. The bottom line of all this is that decisions are made by independent third parties. medical experts and that each application is handled with due care. “

The Australian Open 2022 will be held on January 17-31. Djoković is a nine-time champion of the tournament in Melbourne and will be defending the title this year.

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