“Now I’ll have free time, I’ll come and see you”

TREVISO – The students of the Canova high school in New York meet Mario Draghi in the USA. «Now I will have free time ..». Mario Draghi jokes with a group of students he met on the sidelines of Youth4Climate in New York and thus responds to the teacher who invites him to go and visit them. “I want to shake the hand of these young people and take a picture with them” Prime Minister Draghi said shortly before, after listening to the story of the “civic education” project, as defined by the principal Mariarita Venturawhich brought a group of students from the Canova Institute of Treviso to the Big Apple on the occasion of the UN general assembly.

High school students in New York

“It is an important experience for our children, they ask for concreteness, it is not so easy for them” that in days many will be called to vote for the first time. The goal of the project, underlines the coordinator Antonio Silvio Calò, who accompanies the students together with the English teacher Claudia Re, is to bring students closer to “institutions”, to deepen the theme of “service” in public affairs and that of “migrants”. Today’s meeting, September 20, with the premier is “significant, he broke the ice with very spontaneous phrases and they felt called into question”.

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