NOW & SKY – Here are the TV series that we will see in April

NOW and SKY – What are the event series and what are the most awaited returns?

Another month of this 2022 is coming to an end, but we are already thinking about April. Come on NOW And SKY we could admire new TV shows. Other TV series will return instead with new episodes full of fun and action, ready to enchant the audience again.

But what TV series are we talking about? We will have the opportunity to review very soon Devilswith Patrick Dempsey And Alessandro Borgo. In addition to the new seasons of Raised by Wolves, Billions And Family lawyers.

Among the news there will be Ordinary Joe And Queen of Mysterystill unpublished in Italy.

But let’s go more specifically. Here’s everything you need to know:

The TV Series that will return to NOW & SKY

NOW & SKY, Balthazar, Season 4

(Sky Investigation and Now, April 5, 2022)

Now & Sky Balthazar

Balthazar is a French television series created by Clothilde Jamin And Clelia Constantine. The series debuted for the first time in 2018. But in a few days, after a year of waiting, the fourth season arrives, which will consist of eight episodes.

The series will continue the adventures of the charming forensic pathologist Raphaël Balthazar. He can make the dead speak like no other, as well as an inveterate provocateur. Always ready to challenge conventions, in each episode he has been able to put his colleagues to the test. And he has taken part in the resolution of cases that are anything but strange and disturbing. In the new season, Balthazar returns to the realm of the dead accompanied by police commander Camille Coste. But this time he will have to deal with a case that concerns him closely.

In the cast we find Tom Sisley as the greatest pathologist of his generation. While instead of Helene de Fougerollesinterpreter of Hélène Bach, will be there instead Constance Labbe as a new character, Camille Costes.

Finally, according to the authors of the series, the fourth season will be the “season of renewal”. So, we’ll see some good ones.

NOW & SKY – Ordinary Joe, Season 1

(Sky Series, April 13, 2022)

Now & Sky Ordinary Joe

Instead, April 13 will arrive Ordinary Joenew tv series created by Garrett Lerner And Russell Friendformer authors of House MD . Among the creators of the series there is also Matt Reevesnow in theaters with the magisterial The Batman.

The series will follow the story of Joe Kimbreau who, at the time of his graduation, imagines three different and paradoxical life paths: the rock star, the nurse or the policeman. And in all three paths, he changes his own destiny and that of the people around him.

To play the protagonist Joe it will be James Wolk (already seen in Watchmen). Rounding out the main cast are there Natalie Martinez, Charlie Barnett and Elizabeth Lail in the role of Amy Kindelan, Eric And Jenny.

Sadly, the show has already been cancelled. But it could be a good opportunity to discover the series. Not to be missed!

NOW & SKY – Raised By Wolves, Season 2

(Sky Atlantic, April 15, 2022)

Now & Sky Raised By Wolves

Raised by Wolves is an American science fiction television series created by Aaron Guzikowski which premiered on HBO Max on September 3, 2020. Produced by the legendary Ridley Scott (House of Gucci) will return very soon with a second season, consisting of ten episodes.

In the cast we will find faces known as Travis Fimmelthen Winta McGrath, Niamh Algar, Jordan Loughran, Felix Jamieson , Ethan Hazard And Matias Varela. And they could not miss Amanda Collins And Abubakar Saliminterpreters of the Mother and the Father.

Among the new additions we find Peter Christoffersen, Selina Jones, Morgan Saint, James Harkness (Anne Boleyn), Kim Engelbrecht (The Flash) And Jennifer Saayeng (Cursed).

Here is the plot of the new season:

In the first season we saw the two androids, Mother and Father intent on protecting and raising their “offspring” on the insidious planet Kepler-22b. With the new season, the tables have turned. With the Season 1 finale left open, we find ours joining a new colony located in the tropical zone of the planet.

But how long will this newfound peace last? Will the “natural child” upset the balance of the planet? Many questions left unresolved from the first season. We’ll see if the second will be able to answer these questions or add others.

Are you ready to return to planet Kepler-22b?

NOW & SKY – Devils, season 2

(Sky Atlantic, April 22, 2022)

Now & Sky Devils

Since its debut, the series based on the novel of the same name by Guido Maria Brera had achieved great success. Not surprisingly, a second season was immediately in the works.

The new season will consist of eight episodes (airing 2 per week). The series will continue the story between splinters of reality and fictional characters, as well as the silent war that has crossed the West in the last decade. An underground war, fought with the most powerful weapon: finance. But he will also come to terms with the period of the pandemic, already addressed in other TV series such as Grey’s Anatomy.

The very good ones will return to the cast Patrick Dempsey And Alessandro Borgo again in the role of Dominic Morgan And Maximus Roger. There will be too Malachi Kirby, Pia Mechler, Paul Chowdhry And Lars Mikkelsen.

But we will have many new faces, including Li Jun Li in the role of Wu ZhiNYL’s new Head of Trading. Joel de la Fuente how Cheng Liwei, new board member. Finally, there will be Clara Rosager in the role of Nadya Wojcikbrilliant new protégé of Dominic.

In the new season will be set in 2016. Four years after shattering the plans of Dominic, Maximum decides to embark on a new political career: bringing in new investors and team members from China. But it will be on this occasion that his old mentor, Dominic, returns to warn him. Will Massimo be able to fend for himself or will he be forced to ally with Dominic?

A much awaited season that of Devils. Will he manage not to disappoint expectations?

NOW & SKY – Outlander, Season 6

(Sky Series, April 26, 2022)

Now & Sky Outlander

Outlander is a British-American television series created by Ronald D. Moore which premiered on August 9, 2014. The series is based on the novel cycle by Diana Gabaldon.

The series, now in its sixth season this year, returns to the air after a two-year absence. There will be eight episodes in this new season.

In the cast we will meet again Caitriona Balfe And Sam Heughan in the role of Claire Randall And Jamie Frasier. They will also come back Richard Rankin And Sophie Skelton.

However, we will have three brand new faces: Jessica Reynolds, Alexander Vlahos And Mark Lewis Joneswhich they will interpret Tom, Allan And Mallow Christie.

And for the most avid readers, the surname Christie does it remind you of anything? Well, it seems that in the new episodes, Claire and Jamie will have to deal with new, difficult and fearsome enemies.

Based on the novel A Breath of Snow and Ashes, Claire And Jamie they are ready to fight to protect those they love. But they continue to face the trials and tribulations of life in colonial America. Making a home in the New World is by no means an easy task.

What to say? One marvel after another. But we are sure it will be worth it!

NOW & SKY – New episodes are coming!Now & Sky Halo

In April, new episodes of some TV series that began in recent weeks will be aired. Here are the TV series:

Saturday 2nd April – Sky Series – Finish the first season of The Opera , the series behind the scenes of the great theater of Paris. The TV series has already been renewed for a second season;

Friday 8 April – Sky Atlantic – Finish the first season of The kingenthusiastically and powerful tv series with Luca Zingaretti (Commissioner Montalbano);

Wednesday 13 April – Sky Atlantic – Ends the sixth season of Billions with a majestic Paul Giamatti. The series has already been renewed for a seventh season;

Monday 18th April – Sky Atlantic – Finish the first season of The Gilded Agethe new series of Julian Fellowsformer author of Downton Abbey And Gosford Park. The series has already been renewed for a second season;

Sunday 24th April – Sky Investigation – Finish the second season of Family Lawyers starring Jewel Staite;

Instead, they will continue every Thursday in the original version and every Monday dubbed the first season of Halo, series based on the video game of the same name. The series is having great success. And the announcement for the second season could be a matter of time.

The fourth season of the detective-action continues every Sunday Magnum PIbroadcast on Fox.

In short, we are never full of them like this.

NOW & SKY – Many programs not to be missed!

Finally, there is also room for other interesting programs. Especially if you are passionate about art, cooking and music.

Wednesday 6 April on Sky Arte will be broadcast Isaac Asimov – The Man Who Saw The Future: it is a documentary about the godfather of science fiction, Isaac Asimov, 30 years after his death;

Sunday 10th April it will be the turn of Roger Waters – The Wallconcert film from 2014;

Tuesday 12th April will be broadcast Donatello – The Renaissancea documentary on the works of the great painter’s exhibition at Palazzo Strozzi and the Bargello Museum;

From Wednesday 13 April it will be music boxesa series of six documentaries about some of music’s biggest moments;

Friday 15th April there will be i Bee Geesa documentary about the great musical group, as well as authors of classics such as Stayin’ Alive.

Saturday 16th April will be broadcast Dante: Escape from the Hellswhich will narrate the last 20 years of the life of the great Tuscan poet through his daughter Antonia Alighieri.

Monday 18th April we will jump on board with in Beatles for an unforgettable and timeless journey in In India with the Beatles.

Monday 25th April will be broadcast One Thousand and One Nights in Egypt;

Finally, Tuesday 26 April we will board the ship of Joe Bastianichdiscovering the traditions of Italy in the program Good Morning Italy.

In short, an April not to be missed.

What are you waiting for? Take your pick!

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