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In France a Cap d’Agde the most grandiose is found amusement park of sex, a kind of tourist village where it is practiced naturism and swinging. As Fabrizio Roncone reports in his reportage in Corriere della Sera, you can find everything, straight, bisexual and gay of all ages “an extraordinary packaging that also holds together pure exhibitionism and happy sadomasochistic, curiosity and perversion, decadence, abysmal loneliness and contagious transgressions “.

There are thousands of people walking around completely naked on this beach. Here there are several “apartments, villas, two hotels, an immense four-star campsite and a marina”. Then there is the “pharmacy, laundry, tobacconist, cinema (pornof course), bars, restaurants, shops (the orientation ones are well cared for fetish / bondage: exceptional offer of rings, caps, gags, ropes, chains), two banks and a supermarket “. The daily admission ticket” varies – depending on the season, low or high – between 10 and 20 euros “.

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In the bakery you will find “penis-shaped baguette. They also sell penis-shaped breakfast cookies. Men and women shop completely naked. “There are many Italians.” Germans, English and Dutch – confirms the cashier, in a sober transparent tank top – in June and July. Spaniards and above all Italians, now “.”I am Birillo, and you understand for yourself why that’s what they call me. I am 54 years old, I am an entrepreneur, I have some clothing stores between Padua, Vicenza and Brescia. He, on the other hand, is Little Chemist… “, Says a tourist.” You’ll see, the game of the clock it will leave you breathless. “Then there are the”foam party“Basically, the pool is filled with foam and everything is done inside.

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Nudist families frequent the right side of the beach. On the left, “opens instead Bay of Pigs (that’s what they call it). Umbrellas and towels and hundreds of genitals of all ages, social classes, grades of beauty. A crazy mess. Now: explaining what happens, in detail, is not possible. But, in short: we understand each other. As for the famous clock game: it starts as soon as a couple gets busy. Then, from the dunes, dozens of hungry men, backpacks and sunglasses drop, and put themselves in a circle. Point. For the rest, go fancy (consider that these scenes follow one another uninterruptedly until sunset, sometimes even in the water: which, however, being freezing, does not help but, at least, disinfects) “.

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