Number 222571145 calls again. Pick up, or the police will knock

Number 222571145 calls again.  Pick up, or the police will knock

Exactly as a year ago, the number 222571145 began to haunt Poles. We remind you that this is not a joke and the call must be answered.

We first heard about the number 222571145 exactly a year ago, but then after a few weeks it disappeared from the axis of interest. Currently it is back – we learn from the Readers. This is also indirectly confirmed by Google Trends, according to which the number of inquiries regarding this number has increased from almost zero to even 100 records a day since the beginning of November.

No wonder, because the number of COVID-19 cases is again well over 10,000, and the number is nothing but Chief Sanitary Inspectorate. More specifically, an automated quarantine hotline.

Number 222571145 calls again.  Pick up, or the police will knock

Calling 222571145? Better pick up

Connections are made to people who are in the EWP database (Register of Entries to Poland), somewhat in spite of the name covering all logistics related to possible infection.

Nevertheless, the most important thing is to answer the call in the event of such a situation. Otherwise, the GIS may send the police to notify you about the imposition of a quarantine. More information can be obtained at the 24-hour information number 222500115.

Look: Mysterious number 222571145? Better pick up, otherwise the police will knock

Note, which should be emphasized, GIS does not ask for any authorization in the form of, for example, a bank transfer. If this or a similar proposal is made, we are dealing with a fraudulent who falsifies the caller’s ID.

Then it is best to disconnect and verify the quarantine topic yourself by calling the helpline provided above. There are no documented cases of this type of scam yet, but it’s worth being safe than sorry. And as always, use the basics of caution.

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