number of hours revealed, the duration is not lengthened by content “fillers” –

The authors of A Plague Tale: Requiem they gave an indication of the duration of their new game: in terms of number of hourscan be expected between 15 and 18 hours, without any type of filler designed to artificially extend the longevity of the video game.

The information comes from Kevin Pinson, Lead Level Designer at Asobo Studio, who was interviewed by PLAY Magazine. Pinson unveiled the longevity of A Plague Tale: Requiem and also released the following statement: “It’s a question of pace, there are no fillings, we don’t try to stretch the game because we need it. Our publisher, Focus Interactive, encourages us to aim for the length we want for the game and the story we want to tell. ”

He then went on to say, “So we’re not aiming for a specific number of hours. This is not something we take into consideration when designing the game. We are a small team of 70 people, so we have to be very drastic in our choices. ”

This means that the 15-18 hours of play of A Plague Tale: Requiem are not the result of a specific calculation, but simply the natural length of the video gamenecessary to tell the story and propose all the playful contents at the right pace.

We also remember that the longevity of a game it is not synonymous with quality, but at the same time many players have to take this factor into consideration. In some cases you may prefer a game that is not too long to be sure of being able to reach the end in the time available, in other cases you are looking for very long games to be able to maximize the hours / money spent.

Asobo also talked about the benefits on PS5, from the lights to the DualSense of A Plague Tale: Requiem.

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