Nvidia Shield with Android 11

By many, called the best Smart TV set – Nvidia Shield – it has just gained one more argument “for”. Namely, it received an update, thanks to which it will provide its users with the Android 11 system.

Nvidia Shield TV – the add-on that just got better

Nvidia Shield is a set-top box, or rather a series of set-top boxes, thanks to which even an older TV can gain Smart TV functionality. These are also devices compatible with the GeForce NOW service, allowing comfortable gaming without the need for a console or connecting a PC. No wonder the series enjoys such a warm reception.

Its history dates back to 2015, when Shield with Android 5.0 appeared on the market. In 2019, the pair debuted – Shield TV and Shield TV Pro – with which the system was updated to version 9.0. The situation has not changed over the years, and Nvidia consciously resigned from providing Android with the “ten”. However, it was not the end of support, only a pause.

Nvididia Shield snap-ins with Android 11

Just this week, Nvidia has started releasing the Android 11 update, which will be able to install on their devices by owners of Shield TV add-ons from 2019, and even those who use the aforementioned six-year-old Shield. Such support should be appreciated.

Nvidia Shield TV

What can users expect? The new features include: a refreshed interface, full compatibility with current versions of popular applications, a comfortable Gboard keyboard, sound customization function, support for Bluetooth headsets with aptX, text-to-speech option, energy saving mode and a large set of tools to increase security and privacy.

Is Shield worth buying?

The Nvidia Shield adapters have received an update, but they are still devices from a good few years ago. So is it worth buying them at all? The answer is affirmative, because such devices do not age so quickly (unless in terms of software). Meanwhile, it is one of the most refined devices on the market.

The “new” Nvidia Shield TV also remains the best option for those interested in GeForce Now. Only this adapter allows you to play in the cloud in 4K / HDR quality and with 7.1 surround sound. Now – with the new Android – there is nothing to think about at all.

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