Ok, this private VIP island costs only 150 thousand euros, and you can buy it right away

It is called Mannions Island and is a magnificent private island. It is located in Ireland, and is on sale for just $ 167,000. About 150 thousand euros. How is it possible?

Well, actually not just such a low price – for a private island – is possible. But it is even common. Because even if many of us ignore it, assuming that private islands are a billionaire’s business, there are plenty of them that cost very little.

This time around, however, the news is exceptional and really deserves to be discussed. Because we are talking about one of the most beautiful islands in all of Europe, and it costs very little, a price that is usually what we pay to buy a studio apartment in the city.

Mannions Island is located on an enchanted peninsula dominated by the most unspoiled nature, in the middle of Dunmanus Bay. Actually, as stated in the announcement, it is not the whole island that is on sale but a substantial portion of it. The fact is that, due to the type of coast, the lucky buyer will have the luxury of having an island all to himself.

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As the site Jetsetter.com writes, the island “overlooks green pastures, dotted with picturesque farmhouses and grazing sheep”. And that’s also why it’s so beautiful. But it must be said that you can build a villa, or even more properties, and perhaps equip them with a swimming pool and other luxury details. In short, it would be an excellent investment, it is undeniable.

But the best part is that its location is an ideal starting point to discover the rest of West Cork: endless meadows, wild coastlines and the great castles typical of this part of Ireland. A place like this, let us reiterate it, can be bought immediately: you just need 150 thousand euros at hand.

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