Olaf Scholz becomes the new chancellor of Germany? A conservative who wants to build social housing

According to the Financial Times reports, we are to know the composition of the German government on Wednesday. Olaf Scholz would become the chancellor.

The Social Democrats (SPD), the Greens and the Free Democratic Party announced that they had reached an agreement to form a new government, which paves the way for the minister of finance, Olaf Scholz from the SPD, to become chancellor of Germany – the Financial Times reports on Wednesday.

What views does Scholz have? The 63-year-old politician is in favor of increasing the statutory minimum wage to EUR 12 (from the current EUR 9.60). He is in favor of German industry becoming climate neutral in the next 25 years, and in the context of the fight against climate change, believes that the country is facing the greatest modernization Germany has ever experienced.

When it comes to immigration policy, Scholz wants to leave the door open, but not for everyone without exception. In his opinion, Germany should offer care and protection to those who have sufficient grounds for it, but the perpetrators of crimes – as he said in an August interview for Deutsche Welle (DW) – should not count on staying in Germany. According to him, the right of residence should have over 800,000. refugees from Syria. The politician does not see the possibility of sending them back to their country of origin. Instead, he sees Germany’s role in supporting migrants in regions closer to their place of residence.

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