Olaf Scholz becomes the new chancellor of Germany. There is a coalition agreement

Olaf Scholz (SPD) will be the next chancellor of Germany after Angela Merkel. The parties of the Social Democrats (SPD), the Greens and the FDP have agreed to form a coalition government.

After weeks of negotiations, three parties – the social democratic SPD, the Greens and the liberal FDP – Three Parties – announced on Wednesday a coalition agreement of the new German government.

Olaf Scholz becomes the new chancellor of Germany

Before that, the final session of the main negotiating round will be held with the participation of the three parties involved in forming the government coalition.

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In the week starting on December 6, the current vice-chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) is to be elected head of the federal government – reports ARD TV.

Consultations between Social Democrats, Greens and Liberals on the formation of a government began on October 21. For over a month, almost 300 politicians-experts negotiated the issues of the contract down to the last detail.

The pandemic is the most important issue for the new government

Olaf Scholz, during the press conference of the party leaders, did not start his speech with the coalition agreement, but with the topic of the coronavirus pandemic, currently the most pressing issue in Germany. He announced that the new government wanted to establish a permanent crisis management team and a group of experts in the Prime Minister’s Office.

Scholz also stressed that the vaccination campaign, including booster vaccinations, should be accelerated.

Angela Merkel ends government after 16 years

It was only on Tuesday that the party leaders and secretaries general of the three groups reached an agreement on the controversial issue of climate protection. According to ARD information, the coalition agreement will include a massive expansion of the renewable energy sector. The coalition is also considering 2030 as the deadline for the withdrawal from coal – this would be eight years earlier than previously planned.

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The SPD won the parliamentary elections in September.

With the formation of the new federal government, Chancellor Angela Merkel, who did not run in the elections on September 26, will end after 16 years.

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