Olivia Wilde and the cold war with Florence Pugh: “Just gossip”

Enter the press conference room first Harry Stylesthen here are the other interpreters Gemma Chan, Chris Pine and finally the director Olivia Wilde. The big absentee is, as anticipated by Variety, Florence Pughthe absolute protagonist of Don’t Worry Darling directed by Wilde, out of competition at the Venice Film Festival. The elephant in the room is precisely the absence of Pugh, the actress around whom the whole film revolves, a dystopian story of a seemingly idyllic community that hides a sinister reality underneath the 1950s aesthetics. Why isn’t Florence there? It is true that the director and the actress have quarreled? The question finally comes, Olivia Wilde replies: “Florence it’s a force. We are so thankful that she is able to come to the red carpet tonight, despite her being engaged in production from Dunes. I know well, as a director, how hard it is to lose an actor even for just one day, so I am very grateful to her and the director of Dunes Denis Villeneuve for helping us. And tonight we can celebrate his work. I can’t say how honored she is to have her as a protagonist. She is extraordinary“. And finally, the director clears the question by speaking of «infinities gossip of tabloids and all the noise around »,« Internet feeds itself »..« I don’t feel the need to contribute; I think he is sufficiently well fed ».

All gossip then? The rumors of disagreements between the two women have been chasing each other for months. In July, the gossip site Page Six told of the embarrassment of Florence Pugh, witness of the nascent love between Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde, at the time still tied to her partner Jason Sudeikis (but on the timeline of the report there are several versions, of course). In short, Florence would not have liked to attend a extramarital affair on the set she was engaged in. Also because it seems, always second Page Sixthat the flirtation would have distracted the director too much from her duties: it seems Olivia was often absent from the set to be with Harry. Unprofessional for the actress, who would have complained about it.

Fans of the saga also point out that Florence Pugh never talks about Don’t Worry Darling on social, places where it is usually very active, in a kind of silent sabotage of the film. For her part, Olivia Wilde does nothing but praise her on any occasion, the last of her in Venice, where, however, the actress did not show up to talk about perhaps the most important film of her career. She actually she couldn’t come to the press conference due to commitments related to Dunes? The suspicion that this is an excuse also comes from the fact that Timothée Chalametprotagonist of the same film, was right here a few days ago to present Bones and All. Maybe. We await the next chapter of the feud. Title: the red carpet of Don’t Worry Darling.

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