Olivia Wilde attacks Jason Sudeikis for what happened at CinemaCon: “He wanted to embarrass and threaten me”

Jason Sudeikis was accused by his ex Olivia Wilde due to the moment she was presented with the custody documents at CinemaCon.

Olivia Wilde has accused his ex Jason Sudeikis of having intentionally wanted to embarrass her in public and threaten her by having her surrender the legal documents regarding custody of their children in public, during the CinemaCon event.
On April 26, in fact, the actress and director was surprised while she was presenting her film Don’t Worry Darling on stage when she was given an envelope, a situation that immediately sparked the curiosity and comments of those present and the media.

Through her own lawyers, Olivia Wilde has now attacked her former partner Jason Sudeikis claiming that this was a deliberate move due to differences in the city where their 8- and 5-year-old sons Otis and Daisy would live.
The two actors, until April, had joint custody, but then there was a discussion about what their permanent residence should be.

According to the documents presented by Olivia Wilde, the plan was to get the children to attend school in Los Angeles, considering that Sudeikis had to finish the work on the Ted Lasso series that had forced him to spend time in London. Jason, however, wanted to go to New York for next year with his children during his free time. Olivia claims: “When I disagreed, as the children haven’t lived in New York for several years, Jason submitted those documents“.

The actress says her children have spent more time in Los Angeles and London over the past four years. Olivia then argued that the way she was presented with her documents was “an outrageous legal tactic. Jason’s actions were clearly intended to threaten me and catch me off guard. He could have done it discreetly, but instead he chose the most aggressive way possible“.
Olivia, through her lawyers, argued: “The fact that Jason wanted to embarrass me professionally and show personal conflict in public in this way is extremely against the interests of our children. Seeing as Jason has clearly demonstrated that we will not be able to resolve this matter for the sake of our children outside the judicial system, I have filed a custody request in Los Angeles.“.

According to the documents, Olivia and Jason lived in New York for most of their relationship and the children were both born in the Big Apple. The former couple also have a shared home in Brooklyn. Due to their professional commitments they have spent a lot of time in Los Angeles in recent years, but Sudeikis considers Brooklyn to be their family home. The actor also claims that he, Olivia and the two children have lived in London since December 2021 and were planning to return to Brooklyn in July after filming for Ted Lasso ended.
Olivia, however, insisted on living in Los Angeles and talked about moving her children to London on a permanent basis with Harry Styles, her new partner, at the end of the year. Jason disagreed and felt it was right for the sake of her children to raise them in New York.

Sudeikis further argued that he did not want to go to court, but the conversations with his ex took a negative turn: “First Olivia said that if I didn’t live full time in Los Angeles she would only allow me to spend time with Otis and Daisy on weekends and holidays, taking away my right to parent my kids during important times. of their life. Olivia then said she intended to move with her children to London after the school closed in 2023“.
Jason claims he was afraid that his ex would take his children away, thus asking his lawyer to present the documents. The Ted Lasso star hoped the matter could be resolved amicably by asking for the delivery to take place at Heathrow Airport, not Harry Styles’ home because the children could be present and not even at school to prevent it from happening in the presence of the children. parents of their schoolmates.
Due to some issues, however, they failed to proceed as required and his lawyers had to go to Las Vegas during CinemaCon. Jason reiterated that he was “deeply shocked” after finding out about when the delivery took place, later explaining that the manager had failed to deliver the envelope to the actress at his Las Vegas hotel.
Jason then explained: “I understand that whoever delivered the documents did only his job, however I deeply regret what happened. It was an important event for Olivia, professionally and personally, and I’m really, really sorry that the accident ruined her special moment.“.

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