Oltre RC deflectors are illegal for the UCI. Bianchi’s answers

Compared to the previous Oltre XR4 model, the Oltre RC allows you to save 17 watts at a speed of 50 km / h and of gain 45 seconds over a distance of 40km with an expressed power of 250 watts / h. In variable wind conditions, however, the advantage over the best aero bikes on the market goes up to 30%guaranteeing extreme performance even in the event of sudden changes in wind direction “.

At this point something is not right …

– Why present a road bike that does not meet technical standards to the point that it cannot be used in any official UCI competition?

– Why is the bike, however, regularly homologated on 19/10/2022?

– Why does the list of UCI approved models bear the name Oltre Zero Pro RC, which is therefore different from the three versions presented on 18 October (Oltre RC, Oltre Pro and Oltre)?

– Is there a fourth bicycle that has not yet been revealed?

– Are the deflectors of the Oltre RC nothing more than two small removable appendages fixed to the frame with four screws (two on each side)?

– If the Air Deflector technology goes against one of the general principles of the UCI (maintaining the traditional structure of the bicycle) why elaborate such a daring technical solution?

– Does Bianchi want to bring the spotlight on UCI technical standards to open up to a possible reform of the regulation?

We have addressed all these questions to the Company and promptly received all the answers.

Bianchi’s answers

The company from Treviglio (Bg) is keen to make it clear that Air Deflector technology has nothing to do with marketing and the media return.

This solution is the daughter of a spirit that from the very beginning 1950s led Bianchi to focus strongly on innovation thanks to the Racing Department which at the time was active not only in cycling with Fausto Coppi, but even in motorcycle alongside Tazio Nuvolari.

1925. 5th “Lario motorcycle circuit”. Tazio Nuvolari (pictured at refueling) climbs to the top step of the podium in the 350cc category on Bianchi Freccia Celeste bikes. Photo: Pirelli Foundation.

A vision difficult to question: to speak are the facts or rather the celestial bicycles.

Remember the Bianchi used by Johann Musseuw at Roubaix 1994 (photo below)?
We talked about it HERE.

Photo: Bianchi archive

And then again remember the Bianchi XL EV2 Reparto Corse (photo below) and the Bianchi XL EV4 Hyperalloy used by Marco Pantani between 1999 and 2001?

The frames were injected with a special reinforcing foam capable of adhering to the walls of the pipes within 24 hours. There Structural Foam Injectiona Bianchi patented process, ended up increasing stiffness and fatigue resistance.
Finally, it is impossible not to mention the Countervail® Vibration Canceling Composite Technology made of a viscoelastic composite material.

The uproar aroused by the deflectors of the new Oltre RC is therefore “only” a natural consequence of a long-term technical approach.
Bianchi is not new to “out of the box” innovations which, in the case of the new Oltre, aim to create a real system capable of making the cyclist go faster.

No “provocation” towards the UCI.
No desire to gather other big brands to start a discussion around a technical regulation that – we add – perhaps has more than a few aspects to update and improve.

There is no fourth bicycle.
Oltre Zero Pro RC is the name used by Bianchi to identify the prototype name filed with the UCI in 2021. This name was kept until homologation.

Deflectors can be mounted and removed in a few moments through four screws with visible head that in fact make the Oltre RC and Oltre Pro bikes (the Oltre does not adopt deflectors) compliant with UCI regulations.

On balance the baffles of the Oltre RC, in their technical simplicity have ended up pushing the boundaries of aerodynamics.

A picture emerges where different dimensions meet.
And the most suggestive note is perhaps not so much the confrontation with the UCI, but the ability not to forget the past to the point of daring enough to be unique (like it or not) in the eyes of the public.

A choice that will write the first important chapter of Bianchi’s new course?

For more information: bianchi.com/it

Below is our test of the Oltre XR4 which until a few days ago was Bianchi’s flagship model.

TEST – Bianchi Oltre XR4 Disc Ultegra Di2: “race” bike but not too bad

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