Omar Pedrini, new heart operation due to aortic aneurysm

Omar Pedrini once again in hospital. The rocker from Brescia, former Timoria historian, has updated the fans on his health conditions. A first post appeared on social media in which he spoke of a new “pit stop”. He calls them his admissions. Another heart operation, hoping to leave this bad story behind.

Omar Pedrini heart surgery

A little over a year has passed since the last operation. It was June 2021 and Omar Pedrini had gone to the hospital, as scheduled, for heart surgery. History repeats itself and also in this case it is a procedure that has been scheduled for some time. No emergencies, therefore, as evidenced by the regularity of the updates provided online.

“Uncle Rock” had in fact unveiled his new appointment with the hospital bed on Friday 23 September at the concert in Milan. The last leg of his tour, which begins a period of physical and mental rest, so as to recover both from the fatigue of the stage and from the operation.

There is a serene atmosphere, although we are talking about heart surgery. The latest update is from his wife Veronica Scalia, who posted a shot of Omar Pedrini in bed, thumbs up and sunglasses. He explained how the surgery went very well, while clearing up some fears for the post-operative phase. There is no lack of physical pain but he is serene and thanks everyone for the affection shown once again.

What’s the schedule now? Veronica promises updates in the coming days and meanwhile clarifies: “If everything goes well this week, a long convalescence will begin in the next. We plan to return to work in January“.

Omar Pedrini, his health problems

Omar Pedrini’s life changed radically after discovering a congenital problem. It was 2004 and the doctors’ diagnosis overwhelms him in full: aortic aneurysm. Emergency surgery, he has lived since then with the awareness of having to return frequently to the hospital. A regular appointment with the surgeon, he in short, in order to “regulate” the heart and continue to enjoy life between music and love.

He never left the stage, despite the various periods of convalescence over the years. However, you have chosen a more regular path on the private front. At the beginning of the 2000s it was his ex who saved his life Elenoire Casalegno. After an almost sleepless night, she could no longer wake him. He lacked strength but it was not mere tiredness. His partner sensed something very strange and pulled him out of bed: “He is a man of six feet, not really small. I dressed him up and loaded him into the car. I ran to the hospital, even if he didn’t want to ”.

They told her that he would be operated on urgently, but above all that he had only a 20% chance of surviving. He came out, with great force, after 7 hours. He then spent 11 hours under the knife in 2014 and 16 in 2021. Even the last “pit stop” went well and now he enjoys the tranquility of his home, surrounded by his wife and children.

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