Omicron could end the coronavirus pandemic

An expert who is lecturer at the University of Melbourne, relies on preliminary reports from South Africa that show that Omicron it is more infectious than the Delta variant, but does not cause such a severe course of the disease.

“A milder virus, which does not cause hospitalization-requiring diseases, but also spreads very quickly and could become the dominant variant, could solve a large part of the pandemic,” Blakely said.

The expert notes, however, that it cannot be ruled out that the variants of the coronavirus that will appear after Omikron will be more dangerous.

– There will be more variants and there is no guarantee that the one that comes after the Omicron and the next ones will be milder. They might as well be more dangerous, emphasizes Blakely.

Omicron may soon dominate Europe

The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) earlier said on Thursday that mathematical models indicate that a new variant of the Omikron virus could be responsible for more than half of infections in Europe in a few months’ time. In addition, Omikron may turn out to be more potent than Delta and become the dominant coronavirus.

ECDC chief Andrea Ammon said on Tuesday that Omikron infections detected in Europe were “mild or asymptomatic”.

It is not yet known whether manufacturers of COVID-19 vaccines will have to adjust their formulations in connection with the appearance of the Omikron variant, but the European Medicines Agency (EMA) was preparing for such an eventuality.

On Wednesday, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that it expected more information “in the days” regarding the transmission of the new variant of the coronavirus.

It is still unknown, emphasizes the WHO, whether the Omikron variant is resistant to existing vaccines, or whether it causes more severe effects than other variants of the coronavirus.

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