On Prime Video the new season of the action thriller TV series inspired by a novel by Tom Clancy.

Have you already seen the new episodes of this fantastic high-voltage Amazon Prime Video series? If you love political thrillers you can’t pass this one up.

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan has gotten such a response that, before the third season was even released, a fourth (and final) had already been confirmed.

Prime Videos has filled the void and satisfied the wait, releasing the episodes of the third cycle that have not disappointed the expectations of the fans both of the character himself and of the cast.

The television series, in fact, takes its cue from that Jack Ryan protagonist of the novels of Tom Clancy, highly successful American writer inventor of a new literary genre called “techno-thriller”, because the main theme of his stories is the international espionage (hence also the delicate diplomatic relations between different countries) conducted with the help of contemporary technologies.

The transposition of this immortal character on the platform Amazon Prime Videos was created by Carlton Cuse And Graham Rolandwhich set the first two seasons in France and Venezuela.

This time, however, the enemy of our Jack Ryan comes from Russiaeven if field operations will take him, as always, around the world, especially in Greece.

Of course, the vision of these two authors, who wrote the story and shot the episodes long before the conflict against Ukraine was even thought of, is astounding…

An actor who is becoming increasingly well-known and popular has been confirmed in the role of the protagonist, and it could not be otherwise: John Krasinski.

He made himself known to the US audience for his unforgettable portrayal of Jim Halpert in the hugely successful series The Office, in the American reinterpretation of the British mockumentary of the same name, created and produced by Ricky Gervais. When Prime Videos added this milestone of comedy seriality to his catalogue, its popularity also exploded in Europe, and it all capped off with Krasinski’s marriage to a much-loved British actress: Emily Blunt.

Just in two films with her as the female lead, the horror-thriller A Quiet Place and his retinue, A Quiet Place IIKrasinski has also been appreciated as a director and screenwriter, as well as having received compliments from the master of horror himself: Stephen King.

In Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan tackles a dramatic and very “physical” partmade up of chases, jumps from roofs, shootings and, if necessary, fisticuffs.

Also confirmed in the new 8 episodes too Wendell Piercewho plays James Greer, Jack’s former boss at the CIA, then transferred, but always tied to his “protégé” who he learned to appreciate after an initial moment of friction.

An old acquaintance of fans from the first hour of the series returns as a guest star: Numan AcharTurkish naturalized German actor, in the role of Tony, a criminal who knows how to make himself useful.

What are the adventures involving Jack Ryan in this new, electrifying season?

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan – Third season

Watch the trailer and read the story

We are in Russia, in the midst of the Cold War. When the Sokol project is blocked by a government decision, all those who are working on it are brutally murdered by the army so that there are no leaks.

With a leap forward in time, we arrive in Rome, to the present day. Jack Ryan, an analyst at the CIA, receives a tip: someone wants to reactivate Project Sokol and must be stopped. But why is it so dangerous?

We’ll find out as we follow Ryan on a very dangerous mission that will take him aboard a Russian ship and then onto the streets of Athens, where his life will always be at risk.

Meanwhile in the Czech Republic, the president suffers pressure from both Russia and NATO, and walk a tightrope with every decision. Little does she know that she will get involved in a large-scale conspiracy where nothing is as it seems and it is not possible to establish who to trust.

Who is behind the restart of Project Sokol and what consequences will it have on the world stage?

Whose help can Jack Ryan count on in his escape?

Find out by watching this amazing thriller series, exclusively Prime Videos.

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