On the Beach and Without a Bra, éRika Fernández Shows Only the Thread

Facedown in the sand, the famous Fox Sports star showed all her beauty by tanning completely in a thread garment that does not cover

The beautiful driver and model have caused a stir through social networks with a photograph in which she shows off her beauty in all its splendor, as she shows how she tans in a tiny garment that barely covers her imposing charm.

Érika Fernández has been one of the most pampering celebrities throughout the Internet world, she is clear about how to keep her loyal fans entertained with images and videos in which her beauty is the main protagonist.

Without bra and face down, only covering the essentials in a string thong, the Influencer reveals those pronounced curves that have everyone restless and on the verge of madness, since she is the owner of an irresistible personality and a beauty that leaves anyone shocked.

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This time was no exception and she decided to adorn and delight everyone’s pupil with a very uninhibited style when going to the beach, and enjoy a full tan that reveals those exuberant curves she possesses.

Reactions were the order of the day and she immediately received a large number of messages, compliments, and compliments, among which the most passionate and affectionate standout, everyone observed in detail those majestic curves that she exposed prostrate in the sand.

The beautiful model in recent months has known perfectly how to keep Internet users alert and entertain them with different publications and videos in which the main protagonist is her figure and that beauty with light eyes that she has on her face, making them spend pleasant and pleasant moments.

With a lot of styles, this time she stole hearts by wearing a charming in that pose and with that summery look that made everyone sweat, turning their backs to the sun to capture the perfect moment and that will be saved for history.

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The model marked those wonderful curves that attract so much attention, which unleashed the inspiration of her followers and users who only snooze, by leaving them in view and enjoying.

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